Where do You stand with God?

Revelation 14 12Commentary by:  Gordon King

May the peace, comfort and joy of the Lord be with you!  In Jesus Christ I pray, Amen

Does the world seem to have lightened up a bit, I mean from a disaster viewpoint?  Sure we have had many earthquakes, storms, and small riots around the world.  Isolated shooting incidents, small plane and bus crashes.  The Syrian civil war continues, as does the civil unrest in Egypt.  But, other than that, it seems to have quieted down in the “end time sign” department.  Sort of a calm before the storm.  That is exactly how it feels to me.

Well, I am telling you, it’s going to get worse, much worse.  Evil is increasing, natural disasters have not let up.  The world is continuing to change in a bad direction, not good.  You may think that I am a “conspiracy theorist” or maybe a “doomsayer”.  But, what I am saying is the truth.  It is written in the bible.  God himself told us these things.  I also sense it, as I believe many, many others do as well.

It’s getting worse day by day, minute by minute.  We are in for some major treacherous events and disasters.  Economic collapse, increased government control, civil unrest, apostasy in the church, the uniting of religions, food shortages, hunger, starvation, pestilence, plagues, major earthquakes and storms, meteorite and asteroid strikes upon the earth, as well as unusual signs on earth and in the heavens.  Yes, treacherous times are coming our way.  How soon?  Only God knows that for sure.

Our time is short.  Jesus will return soon for His bride.  Are you ready?  Have you committed yourself to the Lord?  If so, are you living your life according to the will of the Father in Heaven?  What are you doing for the Lord?  Are you doing as the Lord commanded you to do?

These are questions that all Christians should be asking of themselves.  We do not have much time left.  We should be living each and everyday for the Lord.  We should give him glory and honor by doing his will for us in our lives.  Don’t wait until the last-minute. 

What will you be able to tell Jesus when he asks you what you have done for him.  When you get to heaven, you will meet him face to face.  What will you tell him?

Will you be able to say: “Yes Lord, I have lived for you as well as I could have.  I did my best for you.”

Or will you have to say:  “No Lord, I thought that I had more time.  But, I was a good person.”

Let us find ourselves face to face with Jesus as we should.  Let us walk with God daily, give Him the honor and the glory that only He deserves.  No one is perfect, I know that I’m not, but we should strive to be better and more Christ like each and everyday.  This is what He expects from us.  He gave us His best, we should try to give Him ours.

Remember also that God told us that He will reward us in heaven for our good works here on earth.  So, it’s not a bad thing to do good works for rewards, but we should make sure that it’s done from our heart and in the name of Jesus.  It’s all for His glory, not ours.  Let’s not take away from God what is His.

We shall bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit of God: love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Let us live in the Spirit of God and for God.  Doing so will produce good fruit.  Give God your honor, your praise, and all of the glory.  In doing so you are blessing Him and showing your love for Him.

God Bless!  Amen