Andy Lopez Funeral Preceded By Protest in Santa Rosa, Police in Riot Gear

Santa Rosa Police in Riot Gear(SOURCE) A week and a day after a 13-year-old boy carrying a replica rifle was killed by a deputy who thought his AK-47 lookalike was real, protesters marched through the normally quiet city where he was shot, and friends and family said a final goodbye to the 8th grade trumpet player at his funeral.

Thousands showed up in Santa Rosa, Calif. for a noon rally, carrying signs that read “We are all Andy Lopez, the whole damn system is guilty,” and “Andy did not have to die.”

Santa Rosa protests 29 October 2013   13 year old boy shot by police

Meanwhile, authorities were imploring people not to bring replica rifles to the Tuesday events, as they said some did last week. An unknown number of demonstrators brought fake guns to some of the vigils to protest the death of Andy Lopez – a boy who was killed carrying a gun that resembled an assault rifle – and at least one person waved one around “in a threatening manner,” creating “unnecessary risks for all involved,” Santa Rosa police said in a statement.

PHOTOS: Protest Precedes Andy Lopez Funeral

The grief and outrage over Andy, hit with seven bullets fired by a Sonoma County Sheriff’s deputy on Oct. 22, has spilled beyond the small North Bay city of Santa Rosa, where the Lawrence Middle School student lived.

In Oakland on Tuesday, for example, buses left at 8 a.m. to drive people the 50-or-so miles to Santa Rosa. Many were part of the group Justice 4 Alan Blueford, in memory of the 18-year-old who died in an officer-involved shooting in Oakland last May. Most on board backed Andy and his family.

“They always justify the killing,” Dionne Smith of Oakland said; her 16-year-old was also killed two years ago by police.

“This was a tragedy,” said Debra Mendoza of Alameda. “That could have been my son.”

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1 thought on “Andy Lopez Funeral Preceded By Protest in Santa Rosa, Police in Riot Gear

  1. Would it have made everyone happy if the 13 year had been carry a real gun and the policeman was killed. My God, there is right and wrong and we see lots of it was this was not wrong . This man had a family that needed him living also. , should he have waited to find out if the gun was real? Sorry but it would have been to late for him if the gun had been real. This police officer repeated several times for the boy to drop the gun!! What about the parents? Who buys a child a toy gun these day? Every child should know about guns it was a poor way for him to learn. I pray for the family of this child and for the family of the policeman, this is something that he will feel in is heart everyday. This was nothing anyone wanted to happen. If people want to protest then protest things before they go wrong, don’t wait till something bad happens and then think you have the right to judge, that’s God’s dury.

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