Earthquake Swarms Continue, 27 October 2013, Another Sign?

earthquake swarms America 27 October 2013

North and South America Earthquake Swarms, 27 October 2013

By Gordon King

Earthquakes around the world have been swarming for the past few weeks.  These quakes are especially located in specific areas.  Along the West coast of the United States (Alaska and California), South America (mainly in Chile), the Caribbean, the Middle East / Europe (Greece, Italy and Turkey), and in Asia (mainly the Philippine Islands, Japan, and Indonesia).

earthquake swarms Middle East Asia 27 October 2013

Middle East and Europe Earthquake Swarms, 27 October 2013       

They just are unrelenting and non-stop.  While many of the quakes are small in magnitude (1.5 to 4.5), many are 5.0 and greater.  But, the odd and unusual thing is not their magnitude, it is there numbers and concentration in specific areas.  I look at the earthquake charts daily, in fact usually several times a day.  I have never seen earthquakes happen like this over the past 12 months.  Not in such numbers without letting up.

Is there any significance to this?  Is it a sign of bigger quakes coming soon?  I believe that it is.  This is a wake up call.  I have had dreams and visions of large, massive earthquakes in various locations around the world.  I had a dream a couple of months or so ago, of the earth being torn apart swallowing people and cars. 

Huge, massive earthquakes are coming.  Be prepared.  All of the signs over the past two years are only a glimpse of what is coming!

God Bless!