NSA.gov down, denial-of-service attack rumored

Devin Coldewey NBC News

2 hours ago


Devin Coldewey / NBC News
Users attempting to visit NSA.gov are being presented with error pages like this one.

The official website of the National Security Agency, NSA.gov, is offline and has been for several hours. Not only that, but the rumor being jubilantly spread around the net is that it is a deliberate denial-of-service attack.

Downtime-tracking service Isitdownrightnow.com reports that the site has been unavailable since about 2 p.m. ET.

Large government webpages don’t tend to go down for hours for no reason, but it has not been confirmed yet whether this is an attack or simply a technical problem. Some Twitter accounts claiming to be associated with the loosely-organized hacker group Anonymous have claimed responsibility, but those claims only appeared after the site had been down for several hours.


How NSA.gov would normally look.