Top Democrat Opens Door for Social Security Cuts

Slick snake oil salesman Dick Durbin exploits language of supposed Democrat-Republican divide

Kurt Nimmo
October 21, 2013

Illinois Democrat Senator Dick Durbin used the language of partisan politics on Fox News Sunday to make it feasible for Democrats to agree to slash entitlements.

“If this is the bargain that the Republicans are now pushing for, that we have to cut Medicare to avoid cuts at the Department of Defense, they need to take a step back,” Durbin said.

In order to make it appear the government is helping seniors by cutting back on the money they were promised, Durbin said Democrats are working to remedy Social Security and Medicare, two programs that dominate the federal budget. The palliative is Obamacare, a stillbirth baby that can’t even enroll Americans, let alone deal with their health issues.

“If we don’t focus on the health care and dealing with the entitlements, the baby boom generation is going to blow away our future,” Durbin said.We don’t want to see that happen. We want to make sure that Social Security and Medicare are solid.”

In short, under sequestration, expect more rhetoric about “tough choices” and “shared sacrifice.”

It appears Social Security is not running out of money, as Durbin claims. If we take stats issued by the Social Security Administration at face value, the fund is solvent through 2020 and projected income expropriated from the American people will continue to fund the social security at 75 percent of its current level until at least 2086. Book cooking, however, is a normal and accept accounting practice at all levels of government.

Democrats and Republicans never touch upon the fact that a) Americans were promised the government would take care of them in their old age (a Faustian bargain on a titanic scale) and this would require the expropriation, often a gunpoint, of an ever increasing percentage of their income, and b) the government, in cahoots with banksters and the Federal Reserve, has destroyed the United States economy through inflation and destructive monetary policy, thus making it nearly impossible for most people to save seriously devlaued dollars or invest for their old age.

“The real measure of inflation is the increase in the monetary supply, and the Federal Reserve has increased the Federal Reserve credit by 17.4 percent in the last year alone,” former congressman Ron Paul wrote earlier this year.

The war budget, euphemistically called defense spending by the establishment, is naturally off limits as Democrats line up with their Republican counterparts to impose austerity on the masses. They are working on schemes of the sort now unfolding in Greece and other parts of Europe.

Earlier this year, Obama, said to be a socialist by conservatives, requested a Pentagon budget totaling $640.5 billion (a budget ignoring a supposed budgetary cap set by law). This represented a substantial increase the previous budget of $493 billion after supposed reductions under sequestration.

Obama lied about the increase to the military budget. He portrayed it as a cut of nearly a half trillion dollars.

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