Sometimes We Just Need A Break!

Smiling animals: The happiest creatures in the Animal Kingdom

A smiling seal.

Smiling harbor seal
They say a smile is contagious! Turn an ordinary, just okay day into a great day by checking out the happiest creatures in the Animal Kingdom … There’s a lot to love about an adorable harbor seal chuckling merrily to himself while perched on a rock. This little guy appeared absolutely tickled as he lounged around Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey, Calif., having a hearty laugh all to himself as he soaked up some California sun.     Veronica Craft/Caters


Smiling pig.

Smiling pig.
If this chuckling baby piglet doesn’t have you squealing “aww,” we don’t know what will. He sure loves being tickled!

A koala sleeps on a tree in the zoo in Duisburg, western Germany on August 1, 2013.

Smiling koala bear
The only thing cuter than a snuggly koala? A snuggly koala that can’t stop smiling! This adorable marsupial must be having some extra sweet dreams as he naps in a tree on Aug. 1, 2013.    HORST OSSINGER

This undated handout photograph released by the Taipei City Zoo on August 7, 2013 shows staff stimulating their newly born panda cub at the zoo in Taipei.

Smiling baby panda
Wee! This three-month-old panda couldn’t be any more excited to face the busy day ahead of him.

Smiling cheetah.

Smiling cheetahs
Can you say aww? This proud cheetah mother and her 8-week-old cub are so adorable they have us seeing spots.          SUZI ESZTERHAS / ARDEA / CATERS NEWS

Yakini the new born baby gorilla gets a check up at the Melbourne Zoo, Australia

Smiling baby gorilla
Yakini, a newborn gorilla, gets a checkup from Royal Children’s Hospital neonatal specialist Neil Campbell at the Melbourne Zoo in Australia, and is surprised by the cold stethoscope.   News Ltd/Newspix / Rex USA