Canadian Train Derailment, Explosion

‘Great big flames way up high,’ witness says of Gainford derailment, explosion

'Great big flames way up high,' witness says of Gainford derailment, explosion

Gainford train derailment near Edmonton, Alberta
Photograph by: Parkland County , Facebook

Gainford evacuated as emergency crews battle massive fire

(SOURCE) GAINFORD, Alta. – Emergency crews are monitoring a massive fire burning after a tanker train carrying oil and gas derailed west of Edmonton overnight.

Thirteen cars — four carrying petroleum crude oil and nine carrying liquefied petroleum gas — came off the tracks around 1 a.m. in the hamlet of Gainford, about 85 kilometres west of Edmonton on Highway 16, halfway between the Seba Beach overpass and the old Gainford Hotel.

Emergency crews responded shortly after 1 a.m. to reports of an explosion.

Jim Phelan, Parkland County fire chief, told a news conference that one car carrying liquefied petroleum gas exploded, causing damage to several other cars.

No injuries have been reported. Ken Lemke, the MLA for Stony Plain, said some CN workers were taken to hospital for observation but released.

Residents for miles around saw and heard a “large fireball,” Phelan said.

“There’s been no explosion or similar event like that since,” he said.

“How it exploded, and why, that’s yet to be determined.”

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