Argentine Train Crashes Into Buenos Aires Station, Again

Police officers and paramedics inspects the debris of a commuter train that slammed into the end of the line when arriving to Once central station early this morning in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Saturday, Oct. 19, 2013. Paramedics rescued scores of wounded commuters. According to Security Secretary Sergio Berni, they are still evacuating the wrecked train, making that impossible to say immediately why the train failed to stop, crashing through the bumper at the end of the line. (AP Photo/Eduardo Di Baia)

(SOURCE) BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — An Argentine commuter train slammed into the end of the line Saturday morning at the same station in Buenos Aires where 52 people were killed in a similar crash last year. This time emergency officials did not report any deaths, but said at least 35 people were injured, five seriously.

A mob quickly formed, unleashing its fury at the train operators by trying to attack the motorman, breaking glass inside the station and throwing stones in the street outside. Passengers screamed “murderer” at the injured driver. Officers intervened and he was hospitalized under police custody as police in riot gear took control.

Security Secretary Sergio Berni told reporters that it was too early to say why the train failed to stop, crashing through bumper at the end of the line and ending up wedged between the floor and ceiling of the platform.

A response team of firefighters, police and medical personnel evacuated the wrecked train at the busy Once (ohn-say) station. Many passengers didn’t wait, kicking out windows to escape their cars where doors failed to open.

“Right now 35 injured have been registered,” Berni said, including many who were waiting on the platform and were hit by glass as the train’s windows shattered.

The Sarmiento line is the busiest commuter rail line serving Argentina’s capital and is usually packed with passengers, but this accident happened shortly after 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning.