Plane crash at Fairbanks airport leaves one dead, two seriously injured


One person is confirmed dead after a small plane crashed during take-off at the Fairbanks International Airport about 5:30 p.m. Thursday, according to Angie Spear, division operations manager for the airport.

The three people on board the Cessna 172 were all transported to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital with serious injuries, Spear said. According to Clint Johnson of the National Transportation Safety Board, one victim was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Identities of the victims weren’t available Thursday evening.

A flight controller observed the plane take off and make a slight left turn, Johnson said. Then the plane went down, he said. He described the crash investigation as preliminary.

The plane crashed at the south end of taxiway C. Spear said the cause of the crash is unknown. There didn’t appear to be an aircraft fire, she said.

“Everything to do with the circumstances surrounding the crash are being investigated currently,” Spear said. Aircraft fire and rescue officials responded as well as city and university fire and police departments, she said. The National Transportation Safety Board was on scene Thursday evening.