It’s About God, Not Us!


Commentary by:  Gordon King

I pray that all are well and that God opens our eyes to the truth, the light and hope.  Amen

I have recently posted articles which have received many negative comments in response.  While I do encourage comments, I do not encourage hatred and negativity towards one another.  That is not the purpose of this website, nor the purpose of which God intends for us to use our time here on earth.

If you leave a comment please be kind and courteous.  Disagreements are fine, however, negative and degrading comments are not.  They will be deleted.  Fair warning.  I have completely removed an article which has been the target of such negativity.  I don’t have precious time to waste editing comments for negativity towards others and foul language.  This time needs to be spent working for the Lord.  I am sorry to those who have posted honest, polite and sincere comments to the article. 

This website is not about us, it is about God.  It’s about Jesus Christ and His salvation for us.  That’s what it’s all about.  I will not condone aggressive behavior.  I will also not post comments which are actually articles or posts in and of themselves.  If you wish to post your own agenda/articles then please create your own blog.  Comments over 2 or 3 paragraphs in length will be edited or deleted.  I do not have time to read and edit lengthy comments.

This is about Jesus Christ and his soon return for his children.  It is about the signs of the times which are leading up to the rapture of the church, the Tribulation period and Armageddon.  It is about the second coming of Jesus Christ to the earth.  It is about God’s love, kindness, forgiveness and salvation of the lost.  That’s what I’ve been commanded to do for the Lord.  It’s my commission from Him.  His “Will” be done on this site, regardless of what others think of me.  I only care what God thinks of me!  That’s what matters.

It’s not about us!  We are not the center of attention.  If we are, then we are lost.  We are deceived and misguided.

Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow.  It takes courage, faith, understanding, insight, and hope.

God Bless everyone!  May the Lord lead you unto paths of righteousness.  Amen


2 thoughts on “It’s About God, Not Us!

  1. Mr. King, after reading your post today, I’m sorry for how people can be. But for myself I enjoy reading EVERYthing you post it is very encouraging!! So today I thank you for your time, wisdom and knowledge that our Father has given to you to share with me. Thank you (and I do look for His soon return!)

  2. Thank you so much LouAnne! I appreciate your kind words. I am not shocked by these people making foul comments. We are living in the end times, they are proof of that.
    God Bless!

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