God is Speaking….Do You Hear Him?

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Commentary by:  Gordon King

What is God telling you?  Is he speaking to you?  Is the Holy Spirit guiding you in your daily walk?

Warning!  This post is meant for Christians only.  It can be dangerous for unbelievers to follow all of the advice given in this article.  If you are not saved, then you may be inviting evil spirits to dwell within you!  Make sure that you are born again before asking any spirit to fill you.

You should be asking yourself these questions.  If the answer is no, then why not?  God speaks to us in many ways.  Through visions, dreams, other people, thoughts, senses, signs, scripture, etc.  If you are not hearing him then maybe you are not walking closely with him or you are not listening to him.   God speaks to his children, we need to listen.

It is important for us to pray to God daily and often.  Prayer is not always on our knees next to the bed in private.  It can be anywhere, anytime.  I speak to God all day long.  I love speaking to God, letting him know what I need, giving him thanks, praying for others, etc.  I know that I need him to help me through each and everyday.  Without him, I am doomed to fail.

Another thing that we must be doing is reading the Word of God daily.  Even if it’s just a verse or two, this will help to keep us in tune with God’s Will in our lives.  Without the Word of God we can be pulled away from the faith.  God’s Words are life, are powerful, and give us instruction to stay on the right path.

Faith is so very important to keep strong and to build upon.  Without faith our works are dead.  By staying close to God, reading his Word daily and staying in prayer daily we will build our faith with our Lord and Savior.  Believe in God, trust Him in everything, give Him thanks in everything.

Praise the Lord daily.  Worship God each and everyday!  Give him glory and honor.  Thank him for all that you have received.  Never let a day go by without thanking the Lord.

Ask God for the things of heaven.  Ask him for faith, courage, strength and wisdom.  Ask him for the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  I suggest that you begin with asking for the gift of “Tongues”.  This is such a special gift from God, and once you have it you will be encouraged even more.  You will be able to communicate with God through your spirit, through the Holy Spirit within you.  Only God knows what you are saying to him.  Satan and his demons do not understand “tongues”.  Praying in the Spirit is very powerful.  The Holy Spirit will pray for you, for things that you are not aware of and in ways that only the Holy Spirit can.  Earnestly seek the gifts and ask God for them.  See what happens.

The anointing of the Holy Spirit.  Being anointed with the Holy Spirit is one of the most wonderful experiences in life.  It is an overwhelming feeling of God’s love and peace within you.  It is being filled with God!  If you have never been anointed by the Holy Spirit, then I suggest that you first do all of the above which I have mentioned, then ask God for his anointing.  When you are filled with the Holy Spirit you will be enlightened to many things of God.  He will work through you with increased intensity, guidance, power, and faith.  You will have increased understanding of his Words, of the times we are in and how they relate to bible prophecy.

God is speaking.  You may not hear him, but he is speaking.  Shut off the television, the radio and the video games.  Turn down the lights.  Sit in quiet and speak to Him.  Pray to him.  God often speaks to us with a very quiet inner voice.  It can take time, patience and faith to learn how to hear God speak.  When you do it is wonderful and enlightening.   You may not feel the presence of the Lord, but he is there.  He is always there, he is everywhere at all times.

God Bless!  May the Lord, Jesus Christ lead you down that straight and narrow path.  May he speak words of wisdom and encouragement to you.  Amen

2 thoughts on “God is Speaking….Do You Hear Him?

  1. Gordon, the irony of this article just blew me away..I was just listening to Holy by Jesus Culture and praying in the Spirit simultaneously, thanking and praising the Lord.

    I was hesistant to pray in the Spirit, but the Holy Spirit led my heart to do so. Whenever, I do pray in tongues, stuff happens the following day…Usually a revelation, fellowship on edifying the body, miracles and blessings within FatherGod’s will.

    In this last generation which I certainly know we are living in, my earnest prayer is for the Lord to utilize our multimedia skills to share the free gift of salvation and the agape love of Jesus to our unsaved loved ones, friends and whomever.

    Thank you for confirmation, I am so on fire for God right now. Btw, I am a little familar with your area. I have relatives in Surry BC Canada. Our family took road trips up north 3 times.

    His love endures forever,


  2. Well that is awesome! I just finished writing it. God does speak to us in mysterious ways, does he not? When I write my commentaries, I just write what is in my spirit at the time. God leads me to write what I write. I truly believe that he has a reason for everything! I am with you on that, I am on fire for God also.
    Oh yeah, Surrey is very close to where I am.
    God Bless! 😉

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