Rand Paul on the Global Slaughter of Christians

Christian church burnedRay Nothstine
October 14, 2013

“From Boston to Zanzibar, there is a worldwide war on Christianity,” declared Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky). He made the comments in a speech discussing the slaughter of Christians at the 2013 Values Voter Summit on October 11. The Kentucky Senator added,

Across the globe, Christians are under attack, almost as if we lived in the Middle Ages or if we lived under early Pagan Roman rule. . . It’s almost as if that is happening again throughout the Middle East.

Last month I noted that “We are living through a repaganizing of the West that was transformed and lifted up by Christendom.” Paul calls out the president and media for ignoring the slaughter, but in reality most people in the West are not paying any attention to the vicious attacks against Christians around the world. While this is in part due to the larger media blackout, the truth of the matter is that because of secularization, there is little spiritual discernment or clarity to recognize great evil. Perhaps the entertainment culture that fuels many American churches, driven by the perceived need to compete with the culture, exacerbates the ignorance on this issue too. Recently, Kristen Powers and Mollie Hemingway offered important articles highlighting the current plight of Christians around the world.

Watch Paul’s entire 19 minute speech below:

3 thoughts on “Rand Paul on the Global Slaughter of Christians

  1. While I agree that the media blackout is partly to blame, I think there is a much larger issue. Our society has become so desensitized to horrific crimes that very few people give it a second thought. And what is even worse, in my opinion, is the response that I have gotten from several people who state they are Christians. I have heard so many times, “yeah, we are in the last days for sure,” and ” I’m sure glad Jesus is gonna take me home.” But I don’t hear people, fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, talking about what they can do to try to help. Or even very many joining together in prayer for our presecuted members of the body. There are some that react differently, please don’t think that I’m saying that everyone respondes this way. But I have noticed a very distrubing trend of Christian complacency. God Bless and stay safe.

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