Jesus Christ, My Lord, My Savior, I Give Thanks!

thank you GodCommentary by:  Gordon King

Jesus Christ my Lord, my Savior, your are the Rock upon which I stand.  My shelter from the storm.  Where ever I go, you are there also.  You feed me and clothe me.  My needs shall be met, for you are my Lord.

You are the fortress which shields me from evil.  When the enemy attacks me I know you are there.  You fill me with courage and strengthen my soul.  Who shall stand against me in persecution and hate, for you are my protector, my counselor, my faith.  You bind my enemies and cast them aside.  You fight my battles for me and win them with haste.

When I am left standing with no one around, I know that you are there with me.  When all others have left me, I will not be alone, because I know that you will never leave me nor forsake me.  You are my friend, my comfort and my joy.

When the world is shaken and falling apart, I shall not fear, for you love me and care.   For I know that the time is near for your return.  My life is already beholden to you.

The signs in the heavens and on the earth below, show me how faithful your words all ring true.  The unstable world with its iniquity, all rising around me to commit me to sin.  I shall prevail in the battles I fight, because you are with me and have given me the light.

Your living water has filled me to the brim.  It overflows, spilling out into the world, with peace, love and kindness.

Your love, kindness, and mercy bless me throughout.  Your saving grace and forgiveness have wiped out all doubt.

You are my Lord, my Savior, my Teacher and Friend.  To this I give glory and honor to you forever and ever.  Only you are worthy of such worship and praise.  My Lord, my God.  I love you with my all heart, my being, and my soul.

I praise you Lord God!  I exalt your Holy name.  I give thanks for all that you have done, are doing and will do!  Thank you God, for being you.

Amen, God Bless!

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