Palestinian suspects arrested in Psagot attack

Two suspects were arrested on Monday in al-Bireh (AP)

(SOURCE)  Palestinian media report that IDF units in al-Bireh have arrested brothers Majd and Ala Adawi • Yisrael Glick, the victim’s father: I hope they are not exchanged in some deal • Glick: Noam is still in hospital, will require psychological healing.

Daniel Siryoti, Efrat Forsher, and Lilach Shoval

Palestinian media reported on Monday that Israel Defense Forces soldiers and Israeli security personnel had entered the city of al-Bireh, adjacent to the settlement of Psagot, where they arrested two brothers, Majd and Ala Adawi. The two are suspected of involvement in Saturday night’s attack on 9-year-old Noam Glick outside her family home.

According to reports, toward evening 12 IDF jeeps entered the Palestinian city of al-Bireh and carried out their arrests close to the municipal courthouse. IDF soldiers conducted searches of several houses in the area and ultimately arrested the two brothers. Neither of the brothers resisted arrest, nor did their neighbors interfere.

As previously reported, a hole was found in the fence surrounding Psagot, but for many hours security forces could not find the shooter due to many variables surrounding the incident. Among these, it is still unclear what weapon the man used to attack Noam.

“We hadn’t heard of this, but if it is true, we are not surprised,” said Yisrael Glick, the father of Noam, who is still hospitalized at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem. “From my familiarity with the army and with the Shin Bet security agency, this was to be expected. I just hope this doesn’t all end with their release as part of some deal. We know that the attack on Noam was not personal. The terrorist wanted to hurt an Israeli citizen. He didn’t care who. This is a national matter, and we are sure the IDF and Shin Bet are doing everything in their power to preserve our security.”

Noam’s parents hope that she will be released from the hospital in the coming days. “Noam still has to undergo psychological healing, and that is the more difficult part,” said Glick.