Korean Air flight dumps fuel, makes emergency landing at DFW Airport

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SOURCE – A Korean Air flight from Dallas to Seoul made an emergency landing Sunday at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport after problems during takeoff.

Korean Air Flight 32 took off around 11:50 a.m. and soon after departure, its pilot reported an issue and said the plane needed to land, airport spokesman David Magaña said. The plane circled overhead for about 40 minutes to dump fuel and landed safely. No one was injured and airport fire crews found no “remaining hazards,” Magaña said.

Social media accounts from passengers on Flight 32, including a WFAA anchor and a former Dallas Morning News reporter, said the plane had engine trouble during takeoff.

WFAA anchor Shelly Slater posted a photo on Facebook and wrote “Never been so scared in my life. Our flight engine blew upon take off at DFW. Dumping fuel to land. Thank goodness it didn’t happen 10 hours into flight…..”

Former Dallas Morning News reporter Mark Norris was also on the plane and tweeted about the emergency landing. In his tweets, Norris said a passenger near the window saw “a flash come from the engine” and one woman “yelled fire.” He said the plane “circled over Tarrant County” about 30 minutes and the pilot said they were returning because of a “left engine problem.”

According to Korean Air’s automated phone line, Flight 32′s departure has been rescheduled to Monday at 6 a.m. “due to unexpected aircraft operational conditions.”

Magaña of DFW Airport said planes routinely dump fuel during emergencies if they are too heavy to land. “When they do do that, it dissipates before they even hit the ground,” he said.

Below are Norris’ tweets:

I’m on Korean Air flight 32 from DFW to Seoul. We returned to DFW due to problems after takeoff with left engine.

— Mark Norris (@markwnorris) October 6, 2013

During takeoff a woman sitting by window yelled fire. Woman sitting a few rows behind her said she saw a flash come from the engine.

— Mark Norris (@markwnorris) October 6, 2013

We circled over Tarrant County about 30 mins dumping fuel before we could land. Pilot said we were returning due to “left engine problem.”

— Mark Norris (@markwnorris) October 6, 2013

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  1. I was filing this same plane when it was dumping fuel over my land… Didn’t get to much cause didn’t want fuel on me

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