Obamacare subjects entire nation to ransom demands of coercive government

Mike Adams
Natural News
October 4, 2013

You’ve probably noticed I’m not covering pure politics anymore here on Natural News, but I am covering Obamacare and health issues quite intensely. And when it comes to Obamacare, you can’t separate the insane politics from the Affordable Care Act policies, so I’ll give you an advance warning that this article delves into some hard-hitting issues of what I believe is really wrong with America today.

Image: Obamacare Protest.

For starters, the rhetoric over Obamacare and the government shutdown has reached a point of insanity. Obama himself has begun using “gun to the head” rhetoric, invoking highly-inappropriate violent imagery and trying to cast it upon his political enemies. Furthermore, with Obama’s approval, White House spokespeople have also begun characterizing Republicans as “terrorists, kidnappers and arsonists” for their taking a stand against Obamacare. Even the more mild characterizations depict Republicans as “holding the nation ransom” while behaving like “suicide bombers” for daring the question the sanity of government gone insane.

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I’m no water-bearer for the Republican party, as you well know, but this poisonous rhetoric from a failed, desperate administration demands to be honestly answered. If we’re going to invoke these metaphors, after all, let’s do it accurately. Because if you get right down to it, Obamacare subjects the entire nation to the ransom demands of a criminal, coercive regime that seems more rooted in Soviet-style communism than American freedom.

If Obamacare were a person passing you on the sidewalk, he would pull out a gun, stick it to your forehead and scream at you to “Give me all your money or else!” The so-called “Affordable Care Act” is built on a foundation of coercion and theft. It is not a voluntary program. It does not ask for nor require your consent. It is a grotesque example of government abuses gone terribly wrong at the hands of a wildly deceptive, insidious administration that honors no law whatsoever.

Metaphors that make sense: the Obama administration is a mafia

What’s emerging right now in the actions and rhetoric of the White House is that there is no difference whatsoever between the philosophy of the Obama administration and the philosophy of a criminal mafia. Both the mafia and the Obama administration:

• Use fear and intimidation to force people into surrendering their money.

• Threaten the use of force to coerce you into capitulating to their demands.

• Lie to the media and the public about their true intentions.

• Have a strong contradiction between their public persona of “compassion” versus their private behavior of ruthless aggression and destruction.

• Believe they have an inherent right to rule over everyone else.

• Have no respect whatsoever for individual rights, liberties or the rule of law.

• Believe they can simply invent the rules as they go along, complete outside of law.

• Believe they are exempt from the same laws and rules they force everyone else to follow.

• Blame everyone else for the problems and disruptions they have caused to society.

• Are led by sociopaths.

Unlimited theft is now the Big Government game plan

The “Affordable Care Act” is the landmark legislation of the Obama mafia, because it establishes the government’s “right” to engage in unlimited theft and confiscation of money from the American people. Thanks to Chief Justice Roberts and the U.S. Supreme Court, a dangerous precedent now exists that allows the federal government to simply seize funds out of your bank account at any time, for any amount, for any reason whatsoever, as long as they call it a “tax.”

This is a mafia-style approach to governing by coercion. Before long, Obama (or a future president) might decide that every American should buy war bonds through a mandatory “Affordable War Bonds” program. Such a program might automatically withdraw $500 from your bank account each and every month, redirecting that money to the wealthy arms manufacturers whose bombs and missiles need replacing because we’re suddenly in a war with Eurasia… or wherever.

Understand the gravity of this when I explain that the federal government now has no limits whatsoever to its powers of confiscating private wealth. This is crucial to really grasp because it means that when the government runs out of suckers willing to keep lending it more cash — and it can no longer print new money without triggering a global sell-off — there is a 100% chance it is going to resort to the nationwide confiscation of private wealth in order to keep itself afloat.

Yes, you head me right: Your retirement funds, pension funds, private bank account and investment funds will all be subject to government confiscation, much like what recently happened in Cyprus. And because there are no longer any limits to government — the Constitution apparently be damned! — there is no way to stop this cancerous plague of economic destruction from sucking a significant portion of the private wealth in America into a black hole of bureaucratic waste and crony capitalism.

That’s what politicians like Obama do, of course: They are destroyers of wealth, destroyers of liberty, destroyers of opportunity and destroyers of the American dream. The No. 1 side effect of Obamacare is to destroy the U.S. economy and thereby create a nation of bankrupt victims who desperately vote for Democrats because that’s who’s pimping the handouts, the free mobile phones, the welfare and government food stamps. This is why the growth of food stamps under Obama has been 75 times greater than the growth of jobs under Obama.

The intentional destruction of the middle class

The game plan of the Democrats, whether you’re talking Obamacare, immigration, minimum wages or anything else, is to annihilate the middle class and turn America into Mexico, where a tiny ultra-wealthy elite class rules over a massive population of impoverished, dumbed-down voters fed pesticide-ridden genetically modified foods washed down with fluoride and aspartame.

If you really want to talk metaphors, the Obama administration is waging a campaign of economic terrorism against the American people, destroying jobs, work hours and small businesses at every opportunity. This is not by accident. This is how Democrats gain power: by turning would-be entrepreneurs and small business owners into impoverished, unemployed government entitlement recipients who depend on government to put food on the table.

Individualism is the enemy of the Obama administration, because individuals might think for themselves or demonstrate socioeconomic mobility. This simply cannot be tolerated, so the American dream must be crushed at every opportunity to keep the people oppressed and destitute.

Obama’s big debt lie

Since day one of taking office, Obama has spent America to the brink of debt default, then he blames the Republicans for not wanting to raise the debt ceiling yet again. Obama lies to the public and claims, “America pays its bills” when the simple, mathematical fact of the matter is that America does NOT pay its bills, which is exactly why the debt ceiling needs to be raised yet again. If America paid its bills, it wouldn’t need to go deeper into debt, would it?

In the history of our great nation, no President has ever done more economic damage to this country than Barack Obama. Yet, at the same time, the American population has never been more delusional about worshipping a politician like a God even though he is destroying their very future.

Using neurolinguistic programming and carefully-crafted logical fallacies combined with expert con man delivery, Obama continues to keep millions of Americans enslaved to his spells, sapping from them any will to think critically about the reality of what is really happening around them. The very same people who are losing their jobs, their work hours, and their benefits right now are, for the most part, the people who put Obama in office. And in their desperation and fear, they will continue to worship the very man who is destroying their future, like moths to the flame.

The administration of “hope and change,” it turns out, is actually running a game plan called, “destroy and conquer.” Obamacare is just one small part of that plan, and if it is allowed to remain in place, America as we know it is lost.

A popular revolt seems just around the corner

It is also apparent to me that a popular revolt is now in the making. It is a revolt of veterans, law enforcement members, business owners, liberty lovers, farmers, parents of vaccine-damaged children, entrepreneurs and many others. This revolt will transcend political parties as all those driven into bankruptcy and suffering by Big Government join together to march on Washington and take back their country from the enemies of America currently occupying the White House and the Senate.

America is reaching a breaking point. The suffering and despair that has been unleashed by Obama and the entire Democratic party has nearly reached a tipping point. The condescension towards veterans; the attempted destruction of the Bill of Rights; the punitive IRS tax audits; the criminally-run Department of Justice; the open tolerance of widespread voter fraud; the nauseating arrogance of people like Nancy Pelosi; the traitorous betrayals of the Supreme Court… all these things are contributing to a growing groundswell of resistance against tyranny that will soon burst into the open with a powerful force and the will of the People.

Why government is arming to the teeth

There is a reason DHS, FEMA and every police department across the country has been buying military assault vehicles, tanks, machine guns and barricades, folks. Even the ACLU can’t believe how rapidly local police departments are “going military” and acquiring military-grade hardware.

At the highest levels of government, there is a certainty that mass nationwide riots are now inevitable. In fact, many in government probably can’t believe the American people haven’t already marched on Washington.

We are one systemic bank failure away from total nationwide chaos. And Obama, by demanding we raise the debt ceiling and keep spending money, is accelerating us all ever faster toward that economic implosion. That he would dare call Republicans “terrorists” for their attempt to halt the financially bleeding out of this nation is unconscionable. It enters the realm of pure evil.

Although I don’t wish for it, I give America a 20% chance of finding itself in an outright civil war before the year 2016 if this abusive government continues its march of destruction.

I’m also guessing that America has a 70% chance of collapsing into financial default before the year 2020, regardless of who is in the White House at the time, unless emergency spending cuts are made in the very near future.

If you really want to know where things are headed financially, tune in to the Peter Schiff YouTube channel.

If you want to survive the coming social chaos that will undoubtedly be unleashed when the Obama economic terrorism team has finished its work, make sure you read www.SurvivalBlog.com


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