Earthquakes Swarms, 3rd of October 2013

earthquake swarms

By: Gordon King   October 3, 2013

We are now seeing an unusual amount of earthquake swarms around the World.

Notice all of the quakes centered in Alaska, California, Chile, Europe, The Middle East and throughout Asia!

I am telling you folks, something Biblical is going on!  Could it be related to the massive solar flare from a couple of days ago?  Or maybe comet Ison?  I think it may be a combination of both.



1 thought on “Earthquakes Swarms, 3rd of October 2013

  1. We live on a Thin Layer of the Earths Crust, and it is moving all the time! God Made it this way so we would Know The Earth is Alive!! I’ve lived on the West Coast all my life, I been in a lot of Earthquakes here. One I can remember that was really bad was the 1971 Earthquake in Southern, California! I was in Southern, California until I was 20 years old, then I Moved Back to Nothern, California Where I was Born. In 1989 there was a Bad Earthquake in Northern, California, I know I was on in the bathroom when it hit, pictures fell off the wall, cracks in the sheet-Rock. it was a Bad time being in the Bathroom!!

    I am Used the Earth moving, and someday, we will have one in the Pacific Northwest where I live now.. There are Earthquakes all the time, most of them ya don’t feel them!! God is a Mastermind how He Created this Earth!! God Knows the Crust Moves, and that is Thin, He Made it that way!! I even have felt Earthquakes in Troutdale, Oregon Where I own a House..

    I Like Science a lot!!

    Love Always, YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

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