Ventura: ‘If You Don’t Work, We Shouldn’t Have to Pay Taxes’

Former Governor slams political ‘gangs’ Dems, GOP over shutdown

Steve Watson
Oct 2, 2013

Former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura smacked down members of Congress in a CNN appearance Tuesday, saying that the two parties are nothing more than political gangs feeding off the American people.

Appearing on Piers Morgan’s show, Ventura declared that Democrats and Republicans have essentially “legalized bribery” in the American legislature, and that the only way to fix the system would be to elect independents to office.

Commenting on the government shutdown, Ventura said “That should mean we shouldn’t have to pay any taxes, right?”

“I think it’s time for a revolt in this country. I’ve been advocating a revolution for years now.” Ventura said, adding “revolutions don’t have to be violent, but we need one, and I would tell everyone here, vote them all out of office and don’t vote in a new Democrat or Republican, vote for anyone BUT Democrats and Republicans.”

Ventura, himself an independent governor, recently announced that he is considering running for president as an independent in 2016.

“A couple of things need to happen first,” Ventura said on CNN.”My simple campaign would be this; I would give you the opportunity to elect the first president of the United States that does not belong to any political party since George Washington.”

“This is gang warfare here.” Ventura added. “The gangs put themselves first, the gang’s money comes first, and we, the country, become second or third in line.”

Commenting on the issue of healthcare, Ventura simply stated “If we get out of all these damn wars, we’d have more money to pay for healthcare than we could shake a stick at.”

“Finally you’re all waking up that we’ve been at perennial war for sixty years – enough of this war crap.” Ventura said turning to the studio audience and referring to recent resistance to military action in Syria amongst Americans.

Following the appearance, Ventura was tracked down in the street by celeb gossip site TMZ. Echoing the comments regarding paying income taxes Ventura asserted “for every day they don’t work we shouldn’t have to pay taxes.”

Ventura also said that he will soon be working on his own internet broadcast noting “I have to broadcast from Mexico to tell the truth to America,” adding that “no one [in America] will hire me”.

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