Are People Afraid of What is Happening in The World?


Commentary by:  Gordon King

With everything that has been happening in the world over the past two years and getting worse each day, are people afraid?  Do people fear what may happen next?

I have been curious and pondering these questions for a while now.  I am not sure if people are really even aware of what is going on in the world today.  If they are, how do they feel?  Are they afraid, anxious, nervous, fearful?

I mean look at all that has happened.  Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis, nuclear disasters, plagues, increase in diseases, famines, droughts, severe storms, mass unexplainable animal deaths, blood-red rivers and lakes, strange sounds, strange lights in the sky, meteors hitting the earth, massive solar flares, news of giant meteors close to the earth, wars and rumors of wars, Islamic terror around the globe, innumerable bus crashes, train crashes, plane crashes, increased evil, violence, murders, rapes, sodomy.

Also the political and social world climate has been changing as well.  Social norms have changed, gay marriage is now acceptable, abortion is normal, good morals are now looked at as bad, bad morals are now accepted as good.  Christian values are mocked at and their beliefs in Jesus are scoffed and blasphemy against God is common.

The World economy is in shambles and at the brink of collapse.  World religions are uniting.  World peace is at an all time low.  Leadership in the world is a joke.

With all of this happening, with the world turning upside down, I wonder just how fearful people really are?  I mean, if I was not a saved, born again Christian I would be terrified!  What in the world is going on?!  Why are all these things happening?!  Is it the end of the World?!

Well, since I am a born again Christian, I am not worried.  I am at peace.  Because I know what to expect and I know where I am going.  I know my God.  I know that he is with me and will never forsake me.  I know that he loves me more than anything.  How do I know these things?  Well, because he told me so in his Word.  And because I have a relationship with him.  He is always with me and his Holy Spirit lives within me.  I know these things in my spirit.

I urge you if you haven’t already to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior.  He is the only way to heaven. 

If you do not choose him then you will be sent to hell.  Yes hell.  A very real place.  A very dark, evil, hot, dry, burning, torturous place forever and ever.  Why would God send me there you might ask?  Actually he isn’t.  You are choosing to go there yourself.  You are being told about God and given a chance to accept him.  It is your choice, your free will.  If you do not accept Jesus, then you are choosing to live in sin without God.  That is what hell is, a very sinful place without God.  You can never leave, there is no escape.  It will never end.  How would you like to spend eternity there? 

On the other hand you could choose to accept Jesus.  Then you will spend eternity with him.  It will be better than you could ever imagine.  No pain, no suffering, no more tears or sorrows.  A place of immense beauty, grandeur and awe.  Full of love and joy.  There will be things to do, places to go, people to meet and food to eat.  Your body will be immortal, you shall never die.  It will be a place without sin.  It will be perfect as God originally designed it to be.  We shall worship God and live for his glory.  With him loving us and us loving him.