Evolution….A Religion in Itself

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Evolution, the development of a Universe and all that is in it, including mankind.  Most evolutionists believe that the Universe was created by the “Big Bang” theory. 

A very simplified version for the explanation of the “Big Bang” from the “wisegeek.org”:

“The Big Bang theory is science’s best explanation of how the universe was created. The theory asserts that our entire universe was created when a tiny (billions of times smaller than a proton), super-dense, super-hot mass exploded and began expanding very rapidly, eventually cooling and forming into the stars and galaxies with which we are familiar. This event is said to have happened approximately 15 billion years ago.”

I have a lot of problems believing this theory.

1)  It is just a theory.  There is absolutely no evidence of this ever occurring.

2)  How do you get a Universe and everything in it from nothing?  But, you say, there wasn’t nothing, there was a minute particle.  But, I say, if there was first nothing, then where did this particle which contains everything come from?  You cannot get something from nothing.  Hold out your hand and turn it into one hundred-dollar bills, while holding your breath.  I bet you anything you will pass out before nothing turns into one hundred-dollar bills.

3)  If this so-called particle was billions of time smaller than a proton, how did it or could it contain everything in the Universe?  It couldn’t, it is impossible.   Take your car and start filling it with all of your belongings (clothes, furniture, dishes, televisions, computers, etc.), it won’t be long before you run out of space.  Even if you could crush all of it with a compactor, it still would not fit.  How then, could a particle so small, remember, billions of times smaller than a proton, contain everything in the Universe?

4)  This so-called particle started getting hotter and hotter until it eventually exploded.  Where did this energy come from to heat it up if there was nothing else there?  Hmmm….sounds a little fishy to me.  You cannot get energy from nothing, sorry.

5)  Lets just assume that this “Big Bang” theory did happen.  The odds are impossible, but lets just say it did happen.  Now all of this matter must intelligently form planets, stars, galaxies and all of the necessary ingredients for life.  Since there was no life and no creator.   They must not only form, but they must also line up perfectly for the Universe to function as it does.  Even our own little solar system is so complex that it would be impossible for this to happen on its own.  But, lets just say that it did.  So now we have a solar system and the planet earth.

6)  The planet earth must be perfectly formed for life to exist.  I mean, gravitational pull, atmosphere, climate, water, oxygen, CO2, nitrogen, etc.  You get the picture.  It must not only be formed perfectly, but it must also contain all of the elements needed for all life to form and exist.  The odds of this happening out of nothing is impossible.

7)  Life must have been formed from something.  Scientists claim that water rained down from the sky and landed on the earth creating a muddy soup mixture.  Then cells formed from this soup.  But, how did cells form if there was no life?  You cannot get life from nothing.  Take some dirt and radiate it so that no life in it remains, then take some water and do the same thing.  Then pour the water onto the dirt.  Now wait for it to grow some cells.  What happened?  Nothing.  That’s right, nothing.  Why?  Because it is impossible to grow life from nothing.  Yet this is exactly what the scientists are telling us happened millions if not billions of years ago.

8)  Let’s just assume that life did form out of this muddy water.  You get some sort of creature.  Then this creature changes into a different creature, then another and another, until you have animals, insects, birds, fish, micro-organisms, plants, flowers, trees, etc.  Not only that but all of this life just somehow seems to work together in a symbiotic relationship.  What do I mean by symbiotic?  A relationship between all life that work together to help each other survive.  One example are bees which pollinate flowers to get food and proliferate the flowers, or bird which eat small insects to survive which also maintains a balance in the insect population.  For all of this to actually happen is impossible.  The odds are more than astounding and overwhelming.

9)  Let’s say that this actually did happen.  The scientists then go on to tell us that humans evolved from monkeys and monkeys from something else, although they have not told us what.  Yet, there isn’t any scientific proof that evolution does exist.  There is no missing link, only theories.  Not one missing link has been discovered.  Why?  Because it never happened.  If evolution were true then there would be hundreds of thousands if not millions of fossils discovered around the globe.  Yet, there is not one.  Not only are there no fossils of such occurrences, there are not any living creatures that are in the middle of evolving into another creature.  Where is the evidence?  Exactly, there isn’t any, only speculation.

10)  Look around you at the beauty and magnificence of the Universe and the world.  Do you actually believe that all of this was formed out of nothing?  Maybe you do.  I sure don’t.

In summary there sure seems to be a lot of speculation going on in the scientific community.  I mean where is the evidence to prove all of these things?  Science is supposed to be observable, repeatable and measurable.   Yet, we cannot observe any of this ever happening, nor can we repeat it.  The odds of everything that I have mentioned above is impossible.  The odds are so high in fact that they cannot be calculated.  So therefore, it is not science at all, but merely a belief system conjured up by people.  People who think that they know it all and do not need God.  They are trying to prove the non-existence of God, yet they are only proving that God does exist even more.  The more that science uncovers, the more they prove the existence of God.

Remember that you cannot get something from nothing.  It is that simple, you do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.  Yet that is exactly what the scientific community wants you to believe.  They must rely on their theories and speculation to believe in them.  This in and of itself makes it all a religion.  A belief system that requires unbelievable faith.

God on the other hand is provable.  Not only by the Universe and all that it contains, but also by the Word of the living God.  The Jewish and Christian religions are the only religions in the world which have given prophecy of the future.  Prophecy which has come to pass and is even now coming to pass before our very eyes.   Yet so many people still do not believe.  Even if Jesus himself were here right now performing miracles, many would still not believe.  Just as in the days when Jesus walked the earth, they did not believe.  As in the days ahead during the thousand-year reign of Christ, many will still not believe.

God is true, he is alive and he is here now.  Think about what I have said.  Ask God to show you the truth and give you understanding.  Then make a decision.  Choose God or choose Satan.  It’s your choice.  You have a free will that God has given you.  But, remember this, we shall all reap what we sow.  You will live for eternity with your final decision.   Make sure it’s the right one!

I pray for the truth and wisdom of the Lord to come upon you.   To give you visions and dreams of what is to come.  Amen and God Bless!


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