Allah, Satan, Lucifer, Baal, What do They All Have in Common


Commentary By:  Gordon King

Islam, the Muslims, state that they are a religion of peace.  I don’t see it.

On the contrary, I see a religion based on hatred, violence, evil, destruction, torture, imprisonment, submission, murder, death, and blasphemy.

I for one, believe what the Muslim Islamists are telling us.  That they wish to destroy us and see us dead.  That the murder and destruction of all that is not worshiping “Allah” is their main objective in life.  “A life” to take away “life”.  To murder, kill, maim and torture in the sake of god.

How funny is that (in an ironic sense of course)?  Killing, murdering, torturing, maiming, disfiguring, imprisoning other human lives in the name of “god”.  What kind of god is this that teaches it’s followers to hate, murder, lie, cheat and destroy?  The only god that I know of like that is called “Satan”, “Lucifer”, “Baal” and “Allah”.

Hmmm……think about this for a moment.  In other words, Allah is in company with Satan.  He has all of the same goals and desires that Satan does.

Lets take a look at the comparison between “Satan” and “Allah”:

Satan is about hate, Allah teaches hate, Satan kills, Allah teaches to kill, Satan tortures, Allah teaches to torture, Satan is about destruction, Allah teaches to cause destruction, Satan hates peace, Allah teaches against peace, Satan hates love, Allah teaches to love only extreme Muslims, Satan forces his will, Allah teaches to force his will, Satan is dark, Allah teaches darkness, Satan shows blasphemy against “Jesus Christ”, Allah teaches blasphemy against Jesus Christ.   Allah teaches to have sex with small children, to marry small children, to treat women as a lower species.  Allah is not the giver of life, but just the opposite, the taker of life.  He is a liar.  He is not holy, but teaches followers to kill people, become a martyr and receive 72 virgins to have unlimited sex in heaven.  How is that holy? 

Now lets take a look at Jesus:

Jesus teaches to love, forgive, be kind, to help others, turn the other cheek, not sin, not commit adultery, not steal, not lie, not murder, not hate, not covet neighbor’s property, not blasphemy God.  Jesus is light, giver of life, salvation, redemption, truth, righteousness, holiness, perfection, creator of all.  Jesus is clean and pure, unblemished.

Compare the two “Allah” to “Jesus” and you will see that they are completely opposite from one another.  One is dark and evil, while the other is light and good.  It does not take a brain surgeon to figure this one out.

May God Bless you!    

17 thoughts on “Allah, Satan, Lucifer, Baal, What do They All Have in Common

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  3. I shared a post from another friend’s wall that is from your webpage that is very disturbing indeed for anyone who considers themselves to be a follower of JESUS CHRIST. Perhaps you didn’t mean it but your post suggest that President Obama kill himself? Is this a Christian attitude. NOT from my Bible’s Point of View.

  4. It is true that Islam is Dagon,Baal as evidence by those who believe in it eg Muslim brotherhood,isis,iran madness,hamas,alshabab madness ect.

  5. Thanks for your comment Linda.

    I don’t know what you are talking about Linda! Where did I ever say or imply that Obama kill himself?! I never even mentioned Obama in the post! I made a comparison in this post, thats all, where did I mention anyone killing themselves?! I have never said or implied that anyone kill themselves! Never!

    We all need forgiveness, mercy, grace, and salvation, every last one of us! We all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God! Murder is not the answer, Jesus Christ is!

    Next time Linda, please quote the piece you are referring to, especially if you judge me for something that I did not do!

    God bless Linda!

  6. Linda, he did not write that. That stuff is what the Muslims over there wrote. There’s a different with what is in the Picture and what’s written on the post. So, you are unjust and should apologize to him for false accusation.

  7. Thanks Blessed! I am not sure where this post was “reposted”, but it seems that there was much said which I did not say! Perhaps someone has added to my post, or maybe it was a comment, I do not know.

    My real concern is that believers take something that a fellow believer says, then either twists it around, adds to it, or reads into it something that was not said or inferred. If this is so, then that believer should just ask the other believer what exactly he or she meant by it before passing judgment. It doesn’t take much, just a question, out of love, respect, and kindness, as in the fruit of the spirit.

    Let us all as children of the Most High God of the universe, act as God would act, with love, mercy, and forgiveness!

    Thank you Blessed for supporting me in this matter, it gives me hope and encouragement in the body of Christ!

    God bless! Maranatha!

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  9. Of course, this is nothing above but political pamflet.
    Of course, there is nothing in Islam about to torture other people, as there were nothing about in any “sacred” book to torture people in the name of GOD as it were (and sometimes is) usual in the name of christianity (think about natives of americas, or the burned “witches” etc.)
    So using belifs and religions to “prove” evilness of the people beliving in other religions, nothing but political and power manipulation.

  10. In response to Fabijoe.

    What does the Quran say about violence

    There have been people in many religions who have done things in the name of that religion, things which were not sanctified by that religion. However, the Quran is different, it actually tells its followers to do these things, this is the difference.

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