Can We See Behind the Veil? The Attack on Syria

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Everything may not be as it appears.  Presentation is everything, yet is it always right?  From government conjecture to mass media reports, we are being told one thing, but is it the truth?

We are told that the Syrian government has attacked the Syrian rebels with chemical weapons.  President Assad says that he didn’t do it, the rebels now claim that they did.  President Vladimir Putin says that President Assad didn’t do it.  President Obama is certain that President Assad did do it.

What are we to believe.  We have seen no evidence for proof either way.  Yet, President Obama seems committed to bombing the Syrian government.  Why?  Why is he so adamant about bombing Syria.  There must be a reason beyond the chemical attack.  An underlying motive.

Why is President Obama supporting the Syrian rebels?  They are killing Christians daily.  They are composed of Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Both of whom are known terrorist organizations.  We have been fighting Al-Qaeda for over a decade now, since they bombed the World Trade Center in New York city.  Yet, President Obama is now supporting them.  What in the world is he thinking?  What is his agenda?  President Obama supporting the terrorists that attacked our country, killed thousands of innocent civilian lives and brought us into battle in the Middle East.

President Obama also supports the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt over the Egyptian government.  He called for the ouster of then President Hosni Mubarak, and supported President Mohamed Morsi.  Even now he supports the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

He supports Muslims in America, yet shows no concern or support for Christians in America or in the world.

Nothing seems to make much sense from the outside looking in.  But what if we were on the inside looking out?  What if we were part of the big picture.

I cannot say with all certainty that I know what is going on.  But, bear with me for one moment as I think this through:

President Obama is part of a much bigger picture.  The New World Order.  The Illuminati.  This organization’s plan is to take total control of the world.  I mean economically, politically and spiritually.  They have a plan, a plan that is much, much larger than we could imagine.  Part of the plan is to instigate chaos, violence and economic turmoil.  Another part of their plan is for world war.  Yes, that’s right, I said it, world war.  This will cause much more instability in the world, spread fear and the need for someone to take control and bring peace.  Do you see where I am going with this?  We will need a one world leader.  The “Anti-Christ” to bring the world back from destruction and violence.

Could it now be that Obama is part of the trigger that will ignite World War 3?  He is already spreading division, hate and discontent here in America.  Siding with the Muslim populations throughout the world, whose main agenda is to kill, maim, torture and imprison all those who fail to submit to Allah.  Yes, even persecution of other Muslims who are not following what the Quran tells them to do, including murder, torture and Jihad (Holy War).  Believe me when I say this:  Islam / the Muslim religion is not a religion of peace, but of hatred, evil, murder and violence.

So everything we see may not be actually as we see it.  We only see what they want us to see.  War is coming.  War on a grander scale than the world has ever seen.  Nuclear war. 

Pray for the saints, pray for Israelis around the globe, pray for Israel, pray for all to come to the knowledge and Salvation of the Lord!  Amen