Burning Man Organizers Requested Money For “Temple of Whollyness”

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Evil, Satanic, Deceptive.  The organizers of the “Burning Man” ceremony requested money to construct “The Temple of Whollyness”.

I say blasphemy against God Almighty!  Without God these people are doomed to eternal Hell fire.

We must all pray for their salvation.  Amen

The Temple of Whollyness at Burning Man 2013 – please support us in order to help Black Rock City become WHOLE.

THANK YOU to the 1,225 backers that have supported the Temple of Whollyness with only 24 hours to go before our deadline. You are the reason why we have exceeded our goal. This is truly a Temple built by the Burning Man community! If you arrive here after our Kickstarter campaign has ended, and you still want to support the Temple, please go to our website to contribute. Wholly yours, The Temple 2013

UPDATE #2: We added two new Rewards today. A special offering candle – in your name or a loved one’s – placed in the Temple of Whollyness and five more Temple dinners since the first 15 reservations are already taken. This is the final week so please help us spread Temple 2013 LOVE!

UPDATE: We added 3 new playa based rewards so whether you would like to go on an art tour in a classic art car, dine with our crew in the Black Rock French Quarter, or gather with us during the Temple Burn – you now have the opportunity. Remember, you can always upgrade your reward pledge on Kickstarter. Please pass the word and help us spread Temple 2013 LOVE!


We are honored to be chosen to build and burn the 14th Temple at Burning Man and to carry on the tradition of providing a vital service to our community. The Temple of Whollyness will offer the space to reflect upon how to become more whole with our world. Its epic central pyramid – 64’ tall with an 87’x 87’ base – is designed with sacred mathematical proportions and constructed using our innovative building techniques. Unbelievably, this majestic sanctuary will be crafted completely out of geometric interlocking wood pieces that fit together without the use of nails, glue or metal fasteners. Gregg Fleishman’s life’s work, genius assembly, love of geometry, in combination with his architecture and design background will be gifted to the Temple – the largest temporary interlocking wood structure ever! 

This soulful destination incorporates a symbolic visual history of the mysteries of sacred places, artifacts and monuments found in nature, religion, and cultures. Well before the organized efforts of constructing hallowed edifices began, simple rock piles marked trails, as well as places of worship, and have been discovered in cultures around the world.  

At the axis mundi of the Temple, there will be 14‘ tall x 12’ wide Inuksuk stone altar. An Inuksuk is an Inuit word for stacked rock statuary, often in the image of a human, used as navigation aids and to mark spiritual sites. Their traditional meaning is “you are on the right path.” Our statue will be fabricated out of black basalt, an igneous rock.  For thousands of years, the Black Rock that our city is named after was a welcome sight for weary travelers crossing the arid Black Rock Desert and was a key landmark for settlers journeying on the Emigrant Trail. Our black rock focal point will ground the Temple space and act as a guidepost for those looking for the right direction and a safe passage through this life.

Central Inuksuk altar
Central Inuksuk altar

“A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupery).

We’d like to invite you backstage into the Temple 2013’s inner circle so you are an integral part of the process of building the Temple this year.  

Temple logo
Temple logo

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