Friends allegedly dump Georgia woman’s body after she suffers asthma attack


This photo shows Taylor Smith. (

(Fox News) A Georgia mom says she is searching for answers after her daughter’s body was allegedly dumped on the side of the road after the girl died of an apparent asthma attack. reports 20-year-old Taylor Smith was with friends when she suffered the attack, and the friends allegedly dumped her lifeless body near a trailer park after apparently attempting to revive her.

One of the friends, 38-year-old Marty Gaddis, was arrested and faces charges that include concealing a death and abandonment of a body.

Smith’s mother, Tanya Smith, says she wants to know why the group abandoned her daughter and did not seek medical help when she first had the attack.

“I can’t imagine what they were thinking. It is heart breaking,” Smith, who is a local police lieutenant, told

Smith says she hopes other young women will learn from her daughter’s story, and not be as trusting around so-called “friends.”

“Not everybody that you meet that says, ‘I care about you,’ actually cares about you. Be cautious and be around people that you can trust,” Smith told

Smith said some of the other people with her daughter that night may also be charged.