Muslim invaders already ‘in the house’

Exclusive: Jim Fletcher reviews eye-opening book on radical Islam in U.S.

(WND) – Jim Fletcher

Early on in his chilling new book, “Radical Islam in the House,” Michael Coffman quotes former Palestinian terrorist (and Muslim whistleblower) Walid Shoebat on the gullibility of the American people: “The American mediocre mind is no match to 14 centuries of Islamic deception.”

Now, before you get all upset, gentle reader, consider that what Shoebat says is true. What we have today is a stealth agenda by the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate our government and wider culture … and it is succeeding in spades.

Meanwhile, Americans obsess over “Duck Dynasty.” I guess the truth hurts.

Coffman’s book is perhaps the best I’ve read at conveying the reality of this agenda to impose Shariah law on Americans. At only about 100 pages, it’s crammed with material that will be new to most.

Interestingly, all through the book, the author asks a rhetorical question that goes basically like this: “Why is the Obama administration helping the Muslim Brotherhood?”

The only way we’ll wake up from our self-imposed slumber and meet this lethal threat is if we start asking questions like this. For many, the answer is obvious, and Coffman makes a stone-cold case for that answer.

Consider that the Brotherhood’s 1991 report, “Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goals of the Group,” which outlines very clearly what they want to do. The fact that the jihadist group has infiltrated the highest levels of the White House indicates they are succeeding. Yet the White House ignores the peril.

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