Are We Awake? I Don’t see the Signs!

Commentary by:  Gordon King

Hello People!  Are we awake yet?! 

If not, then its way past time to wake up.  We are coming to the end of the age.  The beginning of the end.  The soon return of Jesus Christ, the Lord and creator of everything.

What am I doing here?  Why do I write this blog and post what I post?  There seems to be some confusion out there about why I post what I post. 

Well, I will tell you why.  Because I am called to be a watchman.  To watch the world for the signs of Christ’s return.  Then to warn others of what is happening and blow the trumpet.  That is what I am doing, I am blowing the trumpet. 

The signs are all around us, we just need to open our eyes to the truth. 

Not all signs are significant or directly related to the end times, at least not when taken by themselves.  However, when you put all the pieces together they make sense.  For instance, if I post an article on a bus crash with injured or killed people, it may not seem very significant in and of itself.  However, if I have posted 50 articles in the past two months on similar incidents, then it becomes very significant to the end times.  It makes you wonder why on earth are we having all of these disastrous bus crashes.  They are a sign. 

Just like all of the plane and train wrecks, explosions, masses of dead animals, acceptance of homosexuality as “normal” in society, decreased morals and values, economic turmoil, increased government control, decreased liberty and freedoms, increased evil and violence, heinous crimes, child murder, increased rapes, beheadings, burning of churches, Christian persecution and murder,  the formation of “Chrislam”, Islamic uprisings, wars, threats of wars, earthquakes, floods, mudslides, fires, tornadoes, increased UFO sightings, meteors, comets, solar flares, strange sounds around the globe, blood-red lakes and rivers, blood-red rain, blood-red moon tetrads.  They are all signs of the times.  Warning signs.  If I make one post which does not seem significant to the end times, then please read older articles which I have published in the archives, you will probably find many, many other articles which are very similar in nature.

God has given me this commission.  I am obeying God.  If you do not like some of the articles or do not agree with them, then please do not read them.  I do not have the time to explain why I post each article.  But, I am telling you now, they do relate in some way to the end times.  I post a lot of negative information.  Why?  Because these are the signs of the end times.  The signs Jesus told us to watch for.

If you do not believe we are living in the end times, or that Jesus Christ is returning soon, then read this blog.  Look at the proof, the evidence is before us.  Bible prophecy is coming to pass before our very eyes.  We are now witnessing events in the world which were prophesied thousands of years ago.  All of bible prophecy has come to pass so far and I expect the rest will come to pass very soon.

It’s now time to wake up!  Accept Jesus and walk with the Lord, follow him and perform the job that he has given to us.

God Bless!   😉