Mich. man Adam Lutz handcuffs mom to running car in garage to get her money: cops

Gloria Lutz managed to escape after a four-hour struggle in Waterford on Monday, barricading herself in her bedroom. It is believed her son hoped the fumes would kill her.

Adam Lutz, 45, has been charged with attempted murder.

Waterford Police Department

Adam Lutz, 45, has been charged with attempted murder.

A Michigan psycho who was after his mom’s money handcuffed her to a running car in a locked garage and waited for her to be killed by the fumes, police said.

Adam Lutz, 45, allegedly secured 78-year-old Gloria Lutz to the outside of the vehicle in Waterford on Monday before starting it remotely.

 But the mother managed to wriggle free after a staggering four-hour struggle and barricaded herself in her bedroom.

She contacted cops the following morning, and her son was arrested shortly after.

Charged with attempted murder, he is being held on a $1 million bond in the Oakland County Jail.

Police believe Lutz was “after his mother’s money and that psychological abuse had been going on for several years,” reports WXYZ.com.