Dream: Massive Earthquake, Swallows Cars

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By Gordon King

Hello everyone, I hope and pray that all are well.

As many of you know, I have had many dreams and/or visions over this past year.  Dreams of evil, America being attacked, plane crashes, etc.

Last night (25 Aug, 2013) I had a dream about an earthquake.  Not just your average 5.0 magnitude quake, but a massive earthquake.

It was so big that the ground opened up.  Apparently along fault lines.  It did not just open in one place, but in many places.  These openings were huge in width and also in length.  One of the openings ran parallel to a highway.  Many, many cars and trucks fell into the openings and were swallowed up.   I am not sure where it was centered.

Is this a vision from God?  I am not sure, but thought that I would post it.  My dream of plane crashes has happened and I believe will continue to occur.  America has not been attacked yet, at least that we know of, however we have had many fires, explosions, crashes.  Evil is increasing daily, heinous crimes and murders.

I pray that the lost will be saved.  That the unbelievers will repent of their sin, soften their hearts and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  Amen

God Bless!   🙂

5 thoughts on “Dream: Massive Earthquake, Swallows Cars

  1. As I was reading the bible, I read in Luke chapter 21, at the same time I received a facebook message that was dated on May 31st 1970 at 4:37am. I thought it was weird and had my time settings mixed up, but there were no problems with my phone, but the person who messaged me had the correct date and time of today. So, I googled that date, what came up was the massive earthquake in Peru that happened on May 31st 1970 with a 7 3/4 magnitude. This link also came up on my google search,thanks for sharing..I think this is also a sign?

  2. Wow, that sounds like a sign to me. God is revealing things to us in all sorts of different ways.
    Thanks for visiting God’s website.
    God Bless! 🙂

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