Military gives bonuses only to same-sex couples

Special wedding leave granted – above and beyond annual leave


The U.S. military says it has a new benefit for same-sex couples who are in the Armed Services and want to get “married.”

And it’s a taxpayer-funded perk available only to same-sex duos, not heterosexual couples.

 It’s government-paid leave to travel to a state that recognizes same-sex “marriage.”

In an email today, Tony Perkins of Family Research Council explained what’s going on.

“A Supreme Court ruling earlier this year said that the federal government must give equal treatment to same-sex couples who have legally ‘married.’ But now the Pentagon wants to give a special, taxpayer-funded bonus to such couples – including a benefit that is not even available to heterosexual couples.”

He said it was a Department of Defense announcement on Aug. 13 that said a service member who wants to enter a same-sex “marriage,” but is posted more than 100 miles from a state that allows same-sex “marriages,” will be granted seven days of extra paid leave (10 days if posted outside the continental United States) just to travel to their wedding.

“This special leave – only for destination weddings of homosexual couples – is above and beyond the regular annual leave granted to every service member. How much does this cost the American taxpayer? For 10 days’ work, a captain (with six years’ experience) earns $1,787.20 in base pay alone – that’s not even accounting for benefits like housing allowance, health care, etc.,” he said.

“And this special taxpayer-funded leave is only available for same-sex ‘weddings’ – heterosexuals need not apply!” he said.

Perkins pointed out that goes far beyond the Supreme Court’s ruling, which was meant to provide the same benefits as heterosexual couples for same-sex duos who have gotten “married” in a state that allows that, or now live in a state that recognizes such designations.

He suggested taxpayers should be calling their members of Congress to have them remove from the military the ability to grant special bonuses like these.

While the Department of Defense, in its announcement, promised to see that “all men and women who serve in the U.S. military, and their families, are treated fairly and equally as the law directs,” there was no special bonus announced for heterosexual couples.

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  1. As christians we are told to treat everyone with the love of Christ. WE ARE NOT told to accept and condone every sinful way of life that humanity claims is as a right. It is someones choice to follow the path of sin. Which means it is also their choice to go to hell. But, it is our duty as servants of God to lovingly inform them of the perils of their decision. We surely should not be rewarding it!

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