Exclusive: Austin SWAT Confines Resident To His Own Home

SWAT team demands Infowars reporter get back inside his apartment

August 8, 2013

Infowars reporter Jakari Jackson, along with a few of his neighbors, received a rude awakening today when an aggressive SWAT team showed up to perform an early morning ambush.

Jackson was startled out of his slumber around 5:30am when he heard someone banging on a door loudly. He immediately armed himself and walked to the front door of his Southeast Austin apartment to see what was the matter.

He soon heard a loudspeaker boom that the Austin Police was there to serve a warrant, and could see what looked like an Austin SWAT van parked outside.

He could also hear loud bangs which he believes were likely flash bang grenades.

Ever the intrepid journalist, Jackson grabbed a camera and attempted to film the raid, which happened to target one of his close neighbors.

When Jackson opened his door and began filming the storm troopers, who were outfitted in green ensembles more befitting of U.S. military than police officers, he was met by ferocious barking demanding he get back inside his house.

As evidenced in his footage, Jackson was already standing well within his doorway, which he declared, stating, “I am inside! This is my door; I’m standing right inside my apartment!”


One of the enraged SWAT members next angrily grabbed Jackson’s door knob and slammed his door shut.

Upon inspection of the raided apartment’s exterior, battering ram marks could be seen as well as a missing door knob which Jackson suspects police used to insert the flash bangs.


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