Obamacare Supporters Sign Petition For “Mandatory Euthanasia” Of Senior Citizens

People eagerly sign as activist tells them “We’re going to put them to sleep like you would your dog”

Steve Watson
July 30, 2013

A video clip posted to YouTube by activist Mark Dice shows supporters of Obamacare blindly signing a petition calling for “mandatory euthanasia” under the new health law.

Dice was able to gather several signatures for the fake petition, telling people in San Diego that they were signing to support putting senior citizens “to sleep” in order to save healthcare costs.

See Video Below:

“All I needed to do was mention the key words ‘Will you help Obama’ and people sign just about anything,” Dice noted.

In one exchange with a young male passer by, the Social commentator states “This is supporting a euthanasia program to kill senior citizens.” The man responds with the question “if I sign this am I helping to kill old people or helping not to kill them? When Dice explained that “yeah, you’re going to help put them down like you put down your dog,” the man grabbed the petition and said “yeah lets do this,” signing his name with glee and telling Dice “awesome, thank you.”

Another woman questioned Dice saying “wait, we’re signing to put them to sleep?” before signing anyway when Dice explained it would “keep costs down.”

Another passer by signed the petition saying “I’m cool with that, I don’t wanna hang around with people like that if there ‘aint no reason.”

Another young man signed the petition, while Dice told him that old people should be put to sleep as a mandatory measure. The man then bizarrely stated “They got their right to live,” as he walked off.

While some people cottoned on to the ruse, many others just looked confused and signed immediately when Dice told them he was supporting a provision within Obamacare.

This is merely the latest example of how mind-numbingly slavish many Americans are to signing away their inherent freedoms, so long as the reason for doing so is pitched with the right rhetoric.

Previous petitions crafted by Dice and signed by a plethora of Obama supporters called for repealing the Bill Of Rights, banning the First and Second Amendments, as well as throwing gun owners in prison.

Dice also recently gathered many signatures on a petition to grant Obama complete immunity to commit any crimes he wishes while in office.

Dice also conducted mock ‘Obama Security Force’ bag searches on the campus of San Diego State University as he trashed the 4th amendment. A number of students complied with having their belongings searched when they were told that carrying a bag was a sign of terrorism.

8 thoughts on “Obamacare Supporters Sign Petition For “Mandatory Euthanasia” Of Senior Citizens

  1. How about a petition like this for the young people who are able to work and who don’t, but drain “the system” for those senior citizens who paid into the system all their working lives?

  2. Reblogged this on Political Brian and commented:
    It appeared that about 30% of the signers were too stupid to realize what they were signing. If that wasn’t scary enough…the ones that did know what they were signing never think, “Hey! I’ll be a senior citizen someday!” EFFing stupid or just callous…take your pick. B$

  3. Anybody who would put a law that puts senior citizens to sleep like dogs should be shot. Talk about cold hearts. Someday those people will be old too. How would they like it if they were put to sleep. Morons.

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