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1 thought on “Pope Francis says he won’t judge gay priests

  1. Hello all, I hope and pray that God Blesses you!

    I am writing this in response to an email I received regarding what the Pope has stated. I think we need more clarity on what he actually means. Is he trying to be more “tolerant” and accepting of everyone, no matter what they do? Or is he saying that if a homosexual repents, then why should he judge them? It is not quite so clear in this article. Maybe he is paving the way for increased tolerance in the church? I am not sure. Here is my response to the email with the person’s name edited out:

    Thank you ************ for your comment.

    I too, do not agree with many of the Catholic Churches teachings. I also don’t know if we have all of the information, or how correct the information is in these articles.

    With that being said, If the Pope stated as the article says: “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?”

    Well then, yes, I think he is wrong. If someone confesses to be gay, then it presupposes that he/she is in a homosexual relationship. If he/she says that they have homosexual thoughts, that is another matter. They can ignore the thoughts and repent. Only God knows their hearts.

    Just as you or I may have lustful thoughts of women, we need to push away those thoughts and ask God to forgive us. We must not act out these thoughts in our mind or body. For both are sins.

    However, if he said that a person who is gay, stops having gay relationships both in mind/body and repents of his/her sin. Then no, I do not see any reason why they would not be forgiven. We all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Sin is sin. Lying, cheating,stealing,sexual immorality are all sin, one not greater than the other.

    Just my thoughts and beliefs. I love all people, regardless of their orientation. I am just trying to bring them to salvation.

    God Bless! Have a great day.

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