Brothers Murdered Over ‘Free Zimmerman’ Sticker?

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office accused of covering up hate crime

Paul Joseph Watson
July 16, 2013

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is facing accusations that it covered up a hate crime by denying that the murder of two brothers in a parking lot on Sunday night was related to the Trayvon Martin case, despite the fact that a sticker was placed on the brother’s truck which read “Free Zimmerman”.

At around 8:45 p.m. at the 7000 block of Normandy Blvd, Jacksonville, 24-year-old Andrew Austin Bohannon and 19-year-old Matthew Ryan Bohannon were sitting in their truck in the Golden Corral parking lot when they were approached by another car carrying multiple occupants.

After “some type of conversation” between the two parties, multiple shots were fired at the brothers. One was killed instantly while another was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at a local hospital.

“Now rumors have spread that the deadly shooting is in retaliation to a bumper sticker placed on the Bohannon’s truck that said “Free Zimmerman,” reports FirstCoastNews.

The unknown shooters are still on the loose. Multiple people saw the incident and it was also captured on surveillance cameras, but the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is denying that the incident was a hate crime connected to the acquittal of George Zimmerman.

“Normandy Blvd. Shooting Update – We have had numerous inquiries, blog comments, and Facebook postings about the relationship between the Normandy double homicide last night in the Golden Corral parking lot and the outcome of the George Zimmerman trial. We are confident to say where we are in the investigation that this is not the case at all. There is NO link at all between these cases, nor did we ever suspect one,” said the Sheriff’s office in a statement.

However, WTLV viewers responded by accusing the JSO of launching a cover-up.

“Definitely had to do with the Zimmerman case,” wrote one.

“Nice way to try to cover up a hate crime JSO. Unfortunately the public knows better,” said Kimberely Martin Faqua.

“Why can’t the news and JSO admit the truth about what the boys were murdered for the sticker on their vehicle “Free Zimmerman”…why the big coverup. This deserves media coverage just like Trayvon received,” states Cyndi Starling.

The family of the brothers have also denied any knowledge of a connection to the Zimmerman verdict.

If the shooting was directly related to the Zimmerman verdict, the JSO could have decided to downplay the connection in an attempt to prevent retaliatory attacks amidst national tension in the aftermath of the trial.

In the weeks before and the days after the Zimmerman verdict, innumerable threats were made on Twitter by Trayvon Martin supporters to kill white people in revenge attacks, despite the fact that Zimmerman is Hispanic.

In addition to rioting and unrest that at the moment remains limited to Oakland and Los Angeles, there have been other sporadic acts of violence in connection with the Zimmerman verdict.

– In Oakland cameramen and reporters were physically attacked by anti-Zimmerman demonstrators.

– In Hayward, California black musician Lester Chambers was attacked by Dinalynn Andrews Potter, a 43-year-old white woman, after he dedicated a song to Trayvon Martin.

– In Senatobia, Mississippi a jogger was abducted and beaten by three black men who asked him, “Do you know who Trayvon Martin was?”

– In another incident, a group of black youths beat a Hispanic man in Baltimore while yelling, “This is for Trayvon.”

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  1. I wonder if Obummer is happy about this, his handy work? There has always been some racial trouble in America, but never thiss much since Obummer became the Traitor-in-Chief.

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    I wonder if Obummer is happy about this, his handy work? There has always been some racial trouble in America, but never thiss much since Obummer became the Traitor-in-Chief.

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