How to Defeat The ‘Women’s Empowerment’ Lie

Group focuses on putting the power of the Web to work for life


Barack Obama indisputably harnessed the power of the Internet to become president. Musicians no longer need a megacorporation behind them to succeed, as they simply can reach millions online.

So what would happen if people were able to utilize that resource to present the pro-life position in the battle against the abortion industry in America?

We’re about to find out.

Online for Life is taking the proven strategies and resources and turning up the heat on the myth that abortion empowers women.

The group explains that every day, thousands of people look for abortion-related information on the Internet or through traditional media.

“Online for Life reaches out to these women, men and families with compassion and hope. We give them the option to connect with local, life-affirming organizations, mobile ultrasound units, or a trained backup call center. Abortion-determined parents are invited to visit their local life-affirming centers, where they are provided with factual information about abortion and an ultrasound showing them the wonder of life in the womb.”

Through the visits, “parents often choose life for their child.”

The newcomer to the culture war that pits the biblical sanctity of life, recognized by the nation’s founders, with the contemporary convenience of disposing of an unplanned child already has reached tens of thousands of people.

In hundreds of cases, a decision for life has been made.

One couple was referred to an affiliated counseling center, and the spokeswoman there takes up the story:

The man, his pregnant wife, another nurse (Kathy), and I met … to continue the discussion about what the [center] does. I noticed the client was looking at the model of a six-to-nine-week-old embryo, and I held it up for her to get a closer look. I read aloud the changes that take place at seven weeks of development, and I told her that this is what her baby looks like now.

She kept staring at the model. I then read aloud the changes that occur at eight weeks of development, letting her know that the baby has a spine, a heart, and will soon have a digestive tract as well.

The client’s eyes filled with tears. I reminded the woman and her husband that if they feel they are unable to provide for another child at this time, someone out there is praying for this baby.

The results came in a followup telephone conversation a few days later.

“She told me, ‘We are keeping the baby.’”

Brian Fisher, founder of Online for Life, told WND in a video interview with WND’s Taylor Rose that iPhone apps are among the wide variety of tools being used now.

He said the group is set up to rescue babies and families from abortion.

He said the organization uses the Internet to reach people who are contemplating an abortion, and an alternative is offered.

Secondly, he said, the organization tackles the culture’s perspective on abortion, teaching that instead of empowering women, abortion exploits them.

He noted the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a eugenicist who sought to reduce the number of blacks through abortion.

Other abortion advocates, he said, have been men who want to continue to abuse women without repercussion.

Fisher believes the issue must be handled by citizens and not left to legislators or judges.

“When we put our faith in a political system to end what is really a grievous moral issue, we are off kilter,” he said. “So whether our faith is with the Republican Party or the Democratic Party, the Republican Party obviously being verbally more pro-life, we shouldn’t rely on government to change this issue.”

He argued “law follows culture.”

“As uncomfortable as it is to accept, Roe v. Wade was [decided] because the culture was OK with it being [decided]. Roe will not be overturned until the culture becomes uncomfortable with it being legal.”

Engage the culture, change the understanding and the laws will follow, he said.

He said one in three adults in America already is suffering the impact of abortion.

“It is the greatest social, moral, spiritual issue of our day, bar none, and its tentacles reach into almost every other fabric of America,” he said. “We argue that until men in America stand up this issue’s going to continue. But the minute men in American decide to become involved and take action, this is over.”

He noted his app, which is free in the iTunes store, equips people to help someone contemplating abortion.