Why Change a World That’s Going to End Anyway?

Exclusive: Ray Comfort answers questions posed by skeptics


“If you believe that the world is going to come to an end, does it not drain one’s motivation to improve life on earth while we’re here?”

We desperately want to improve life on earth by stopping the mass killing of the unborn through abortion, the rape of women, pornography, greed, lying, child abuse, murder, theft, adultery, wife-beating, hatred, wars, etc. The heart of the human problem is the sinful heart of the human being, and the only power that can change that is the gospel.

Atheists more moral?

In reference to “Evolution vs. God,” unedited interviews with scientists being made public, Joseph Sparenberg commented, “Wouldn’t you want the unedited version to be shown to get more believers? OK … I do not know every Christian on the planet, so I can not say all Christians are immoral, but the ones I know are. Ray’s statements, in my opinion, are often immoral. You may not see deceit as immoral, but I do. In fact, I have more morals now than when I was a Christian. Many Christians, including myself when I was one, do whatever they want, pray for forgiveness, then have a clean slate. As an atheist, I no longer have that luxury.”

Those who fall away from Christ were never a Christian, and from his own mouth this man admits to playing the hypocrite. He did whatever he wanted and asked for forgiveness. What horrible hypocrisy. That’s not a luxury as he thought – it was nothing but self-deception.

Less sense than a chicken

If you raise chickens, you will know that they only last a few years until their number is up and you have to replace them to keep their numbers up. So I recently purchased 11 new chicks. Each day I let them out of the coup and hand feed them. There’s something wonderful about hand-feeding chickens at this age (not mine – theirs).

Recently, while feeding them, my wife and I saw something neither of us had ever seen. They were walking around our lawn doing strange things that chickens do, lying down in sunshine, raring up at each other, running quickly for no apparent reason when one of them made a weird noise, and nine of them suddenly rushed in unison back into the safety of the coup. The two that stayed outside stood like statues for more than 60 seconds, not moving even a feather. It was as though they were frozen stiff. We guessed that the spokeschicken yelled, “Hawk!” or, “Snake!” or, “KFC!” or something about an incoming predator. Whatever the case, it was fascinating to see their natural instinct to survive kick in.

The incident made me think about human beings and how chickens have more sense than some of them. Christians warn about our ultimate, incoming predator, death, and what they can be done to avoid being devoured by it. And some ignore the warning. They carry on like a thoughtless chicken that has no concern for its survival. For details on how to avoid death, see www.NeedGod.com.