Black Mobs Go ‘Bang’ on July 4th

Dozens of episodes of gang violence documented

(Editor’s note: Colin Flaherty has done more reporting than any other journalist on what appears to be a nationwide trend of skyrocketing black-on-white crime, violence and abuse. WND features these reports to counterbalance the virtual blackout by the rest of the media due to their concerns that reporting such incidents would be inflammatory or even racist. WND considers it racist not to report racial abuse solely because of the skin color of the perpetrators or victims.) Videos linked or embedded may contain foul language and violence.

With dozens of episodes of black mob violence in more than 15 cities over the Fourth of July, it is tempting to start with Chicago.

Chicago was the site of several cases of black mob violence during the holiday fireworks, which city officials and local media downplayed or ignored.

But the real story this year is not just that black mob violence is raging in places like Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, Detroit, Cleveland, Atlanta and St. Louis.

But racial violence is also striking smaller places like Greensboro, Buffalo, Wilkes-Barre, Tulsa, Cedar Rapids, Seaside Heights, Memphis, Fredericksburg, Uniondale, Fall River, Lincoln, Kingston, Utica, Manchester, and Indianapolis. And more.

All over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Sometimes more than once.

Let’s start with Tulsa. It took a year for the local media to report it, but last Fourth of July, a black mob set a fire at a local recreation center, then hurled fireworks at the first responders.

This year “the kids” did it again. Then once more on July 5. According to News On 6:

“We’ve seen worse Fourth of Julys and we’ve seen better, and this one will rank up as one of the worst,” neighbor Jason Trent said.

Trent has had a front-row seat for the illegal fireworks show that more than 60 kids have been putting on since Monday.”

Despite the grainy video of several black people fleeing, no one was arrested.

Several years ago, city officials discussed closing this recreation center. But because it was in a black part of Tulsa, members of ACORN convinced the city council to keep it open after claiming it would be racist to close it.

In Greensboro, black mobs rampaged in 2012 through the downtown, spreading violence and chaos on several occasions. Including “every weekend in June.” This year, in the weeks leading up to the Fourth of July holiday, it started again. On video.

“A massive fight in downtown Greensboro Saturday night has some city leaders taking a hard look at bringing back the teen curfew. Nearly 400 people were involved in the several fights that happened along Elm Street. Greensboro police arrested 11 people ranging in age from 16 to 20 years old. Officers had to use pepper spray and a stun gun to try to get the crowd under control.”

Local nightclub owner called it a “riot, to say the least.” At least one gun was fired.

With the Fourth of July fireworks downtown just a day away, the city council held an emergency meeting to discuss imposing a curfew. Community activist George Hatzman belled the cat when he talked about the video that showed a “bunch of black kids” causing the chaos.

City council member T. Dianne Bellamy-Small said she hated to “play the race card,” but she did not want to “criminalize” the behavior of the black mob and the curfew was an attempt to exclude a “certain group” from downtown.

She acknowledged that shopping centers and movie theaters in Greensboro were having similar problems, but that is different because “they are private,” she said. And the parents of “the children pay tax dollars,” she said, so their children should have a right to go downtown whenever they want.

In the end, the council passed the curfew – The Youth Protection Ordinance – making it illegal for people 17 and under to be downtown after 11 p.m.

The next day, violence and lawlessness erupted again downtown. Most of it before 11, the chief of police told the News & Record. “We recognized some as individuals who participated in the disruptions and fights occurring in the downtown area last Saturday night.”

In Madison, “a witness described a huge fight that was going on a block away,” said the police report. “The officer arrived on scene and reported that dozens of people were fighting in the middle of the street with a variety of weapons from garden rakes to dumbbells, according to the release. Officials said people were using locks in their hands as brass knuckles and brandishing sticks.”

Everyone arrested or hurt was black.

How about a two’fer in Madison. reports a big fight with arrests, threats on police, hostile crowd, pepper spray, the works. All after the fireworks:

Madison police say they had to threaten a hostile crowd with pepper spray after last week’s Rhythm and Booms fireworks show.

The crowd grew hostile when officers tried to arrest a man who was fighting in the 1800 block of Northport Drive, just outside Warner Park where the fireworks were set off, about 11 p.m. Wednesday, according to a police news release.

Officers were finally able to arrest Jayton Jarvel Richmond, 21, on a tentative charge of disorderly conduct, while about 30 onlookers yelled expletives at the police, according to the release.

From this account, here is what we learned: This has happened before. Here is what we did not learn: This was another case of black mob violence.

Had to go to the mug shots for that.

In Cedar Rapids, the Patch says:

“Multiple news outlets are reporting that a large brawl that began during the fireworks on the Fourth of July and flared up again on Saturday resulted in the arrest of 13 people.”

KCRG reports that the fight at 232 20th St. NW involved “rocks, bats, and bricks” and one of the suspects with a knife was subdued by police officers with a Taser.”

“According to KGAN, this fight was a spillover from a fight that began Thursday night.”

Everyone arrested or hurt was black.

Even by Detroit standards this was a bit much: A couple of hundred people gathered at a liquor store in the Detroit suburb of Pontiac to watch the fireworks. Big fight breaks out. Guy pulls a gun. Kills a father of five. Shoots five others, including two of the dead man’s children.

In Uniondale, N.Y., a large fight starts at a holiday gathering of 250 black people. Police tell the crowd the party is over and it is time to go home. They did not like that. The money graph from the

As officers attempted to break up the fight Phillips and Cherry called out to the partygoers to intervene.

A second large fight then ensued in the front of the residence and officers responded, police said.

Several others were charged with inciting a riot.

Downtown St. Louis, a black mob described as “sea of people” assaulted several employees and patrons of local shops after the fireworks. According to the local NBC affiliate:

Joe Stapf says he was ambushed and attacked while he was talking on his cell phone in the alley behind Robust during his break. He was talking to his girlfriend when one teenager punched him in the face and ran off. Then more teens started attacking him for no apparent reason.

He says they took off without stealing anything.

Stapf’s girlfriend suffered a similar, Knockout Game attack in January.

Another employee in the upscale district reported a “mob of kids” stealing cell phones, throwing chairs, vandalizing cars, and assaulting people.

No one was arrested. Commentators at local news sites were upset at the frequency of this black mob violence in St. Louis. And how the local media continues to ignore it. Greg Rodey posted on the local NBC web site:

“Just like the ‘kids’ that attacked the Wisconsin state fair goers , the ‘youths’ that mobbed a Peoria neighborhood, and the ‘teens’ who beat a white girl into convulsions on a school bus in Ocala. Look it up. Maybe if we just keep ignoring the elephant in the corner, it will just go away. Right, media?”

Several others at the site echoed Rodey’s comments and wondered when the media was going to start telling the truth: Mob violence in St. Louis is a black thing.

But at least one was not going along with that: “This is all about crime and has nothing to do with race,” said one anonymous poster.

Down in Memphis, a black mob started fighting during the downtown fireworks. Two people shot. Two hundred cops were not enough. Police say, “Unsupervised juveniles were the problem,” said the CBS affiliate. The shooter: “was not a bad kid.”

Two days later a few miles away, hundreds of black people were fighting and stabbing each other. Gunfire. Neighbors say it happens all the time, and is “a way of life.” No one arrested.

At Indianapolis, black mob violence is now part of the fabric of that city’s life. Police and media know the drill: The newspaper describes downtown as “a city core overrun by unsupervised teenagers who fight each other and occasionally fire weapons,” said the Indianapolis Star.

The Fourth of July was no different. Following the annual fireworks, black mobs moved through the downtown, fighting, destroying property, firing guns. Killing one person.

All this despite heavy police presence that included helicopters, vans, dogs and everything else they could muster.

The newspaper and local public officials like to pretend that race has nothing to do with the regular and intense violence. People who are caught in the middle of it do not have that luxury.

James Parson posted on the

“I was downtown with my family last night, I saw the gangs roaming the streets. I will not be coming downtown ever again, nor will my family. The insults that were thrown at my family by the black gangsters were out of line. One called my wife a fat whore. Glad to see that Ballard is doing something about these killers in training. I will not be back downtown. If you value your life you will not come either. The gangs own the streets in our city.”

Mark Magers chimed in:

“I agree James! I was downtown for the fireworks with friends and the gangs were ominous and ugly. What is going on downtown? We used to take pride in presenting a safe and fun filled experience downtown. I too will not be back and next year will go to the Geist ‘blast on the bridge’. A better show and nicer group of people!”

The mother of the murder victim said her son, “Monster” Gibson, was a father himself and nice young man.

Many people on the Indianapolis news sites commented about The Indiana Black Expo, scheduled for later this month. The several-day event downtown is also the site of regular black mob violence for the tens of thousands of people who attend the gathering.

Black mob violence is a regular feature of life in Utica, with more than a dozen examples this year alone. The Fourth of July was no different: Police responded to a “large fight” and everyone involved or arrested was black.

In Lincoln, Neb., the local media reports lots of large scale violence in the downtown, including some on the Fourth of July where one police officer was hurt.

The local TV station worries that “downtown Lincoln gets a poor reputation” from recent cases. The offending parties were not kind enough to leave us a video of the most recent example of black mob violence over the holiday weekend.

But a video from the “riot” in May shows hundreds of black people on the streets of downtown, fighting, spreading chaos and overwhelming the ability of the local police to disperse the crowds or bring them under control.

One local merchant said the violence was due to a lack of parking spaces. Commenters on local web sites said it was no longer safe to walk home from the downtown area to student housing.

In Buffalo, a black mob disrupted the Independence Day festivities at Riverside Park, much of it on video. According to the Buffalo News, the mob:

“Started a number of fights and later wreaked havoc on Tonawanda Street by blocking traffic and jumping on cars before they were dispersed without arrests.”

“It was a rough crowd,” said Annette Class, a Riverside resident who attended with her three children.

She was upset by both a fight that broke out in the front of the crowd during the fireworks show and also the behavior of some young people afterward.

“I think next year we’ll just watch it from our house,” she said. “It wasn’t a crowd I would want my children in, and I wouldn’t suggest it for anyone with younger children.”

Buffalo city council member Joseph Golombek called the widespread violence “isolated.” He also said this year’s festival was safer than last year’s. That would be news to readers of the Buffalo News, which did not report any widespread violence during last year’s fireworks festivities.

Buffalo was the scene of several episodes of racial violence during the last school year. Several students at Buffalo State College were robbed and beaten on various occasions by groups of black people.

The campus chief of police, Peter Carey, denied campus had a crime problem. He described the problem to the Buffalo News thusly: “The city of Buffalo is an urban environment, and if you come from a rural section of the state, this is a different setting.”

In Manchester, N.H., the Boston Fox affiliate reports “three men arrested following a large fight involving up to 20 people that occurred inside a McDonald’s early Saturday morning.”

Twenty people were fighting, some throwing chairs inside the restaurant’s dining area. The caller also reported hearing gunshots outside the restaurant. Officers said that several suspects were highly uncooperative and became increasingly belligerent and aggressive toward them.

Police found two bullet casings in the parking lot and are looking for a black man in connection with the shooting. Everyone arrested was black.

This could go with more small town examples of black mob violence in and around the Holiday weekend. South Bend. Cedar Rapids. And on and on. But let’s go bigger: The Big Apple.

A rapper(ess) thought it would be a good idea give out a whole lot of free food in Harlem for the holiday. So she sent posted it all over Facebook.

What could go wrong?

Lots. Gunfire. Fighting. Property destruction. Violence. Hip Hop Rap Scene news site broke it down:

DAMN!!!….Teyana Taylor Cookout SHOT UP By a 14 Year Old Kid, Police and Helicopters Everywhere, One Man injured!!

It’s not a July 4th cookout until someone catches a mean slug. Does the heat make some black people crazy? Damn homie it’s the July 4th cookout not World War 3.

Calm that isht down. A 200-person party hosted by local rapper Teyana Taylor in Morningside Park descended into mayhem late yesterday – leaving one cop hurt and another reveler arrested, police and attendees said.

The crowd gathered around 9pm at West 120th Street and Morningside Avenue and quickly got out of hand, party-goers said in Facebook posts.

“It’s like LA (cali) after a riot out here at Morningside park. Police everywhere. Helicopters in the sky. Madness,” posted Aaron Rose.

The mob first occupied the park, then moved on to the West Side Highway and attempted to climb the fences of Riverbank State Park.

A Housing sergeant injured his shoulder trying to quell the crowd, and a 14-year-old was arrested for firing a gun into the air, police said.

“They just shot Teyana Taylor cookout up,” read one post on Twitter, while another noted “After it got dark teyana taylor cookout got mixxy lol ..had to leave.”

Here’s what you won’t read in the paper: The 14-year old who shot up the place? That was his fourth arrest for robbery and weapons violations. Keep it on the down low.

By the way, Teyana said none of this is true. They are just haters.


With so many people getting killed in Chicago over the Fourth of July weekend – 74 shot and 12 dead by one count – police and media did not have much time for some routine black mob violence surrounding the downtown fireworks.

But police officers who work the area, and a police blog, are getting increasingly angry over the city’s inaction – and media complicity – in the face of this frequent, intense and now predictable black mob violence.

There were several cases:

DNAinfo reports one man was arrested after a black mob terrorized tourists downtown over the Fourth of July weekend.

Shedrick was walking through Water Tower Park, between Pearson Street and Chicago Avenue, with several other men and women Friday evening when he loudly screamed, “F— the police,” according to court records.

Shedrick then ran onto Michigan Avenue, jumping and flailing his arms in the middle of traffic. When police officers told him to stop, Shedrick responded, “F— you. You ain’t so tough. Say it in my face,” records state.

The teen then headed west on Chicago Avenue, this time on the sidewalk, but still flailing his arms and jumping side to side. Pedestrians were forced off the sidewalk and into the street with traffic by his behavior, according to court records.

There’s more: A mob of black transvestites was also attacking the tourists downtown. The Chicago News Report says eight black males, “some of them dressed in women’s clothing” attacked a husband and wife walking their dog.

During the fireworks downtown, a mob of at least 50 black people stole iPhones and assaulted several people: A few days after the attack, the Sun-Times found a hero:

Gary Dailey, a 51-year-old real estate broker, was weaving his way through a stalled crowd at the mouth of the pedestrian tunnel leading under Lake Shore Drive and up to Division Street. He made his way to the front and saw why the masses were hesitant to proceed. A group of about 50 young people were in the middle of the tunnel screaming and pushing and throwing stuff.

“I thought about walking to the next underpass, but I was just too tired,” said Dailey, who was headed to his girlfriend’s place. As he passed the rowdy group, a man bumped into him and reached for the cellphone in Dailey’s pocket. “I said ‘What the f – – – are you doing?’ and slapped his hand away,” said Dailey, who kept walking. A few seconds later he heard a scream and turned to see a man snatching a woman’s cellphone.

Dailey chased the man, finally pointing him out to police when the alleged miscreant got too tired to run any more. Dailey is the brother of a Chicago police officer and a former marathon runner.

Cops in Chicago are getting very unhappy that the media are ignoring black mob violence downtown. The day after the attacks, a police officer posted this on his Facebook page:

“Still nothing in the news about the robberies, random attacks, ‘young boys’ throwing m80s at cars on Michigan Ave and Navy Pier on the 4th,” he wrote. “What’s your favorite color kool aid, sheeple?”

Among police, the Second City Cop blog is very popular:

If the media doesn’t cover it, did it actually happen?

The fireworks downtown were a complete disaster again tonight, but I’m sure we’ll all hear about what a smashing success it was tomorrow morning. The terrorists were running around in large packs with multiple citizens relating that these cannibals were throwing M80s at the good citizens that were actually willing to spend their hard earned money in crime ridden Chicago.

Not only were the groups throwing explosives at people, but it wouldn’t be a weekend in downtown Chicago unless they conveniently [removed] iPhone and handbags from their owners.

My favorite part of the evening was when a sergeant asked the officers stationed at the Oak Street Beach entrance at Michigan avenue to push back the group to prevent them from reaching the beach, the officer calmly stated “there’s only me and one other officer, so I don’t think that’s happening.”

What a circus. If it was a circus, more people would be laughing. Here, the clowns are in charge, not the ringmaster.

And that is the way it was, Independence Day, 2013.

See the Big List of black mob violence.

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