Spain Crash: Bus Careens Off Road Killing Nine

Survivors say the bus was travelling at excessive speed as it approached a bend about 80 miles south of the town of Avila.

Firefighters recover a body from the wreckage of a bus which crashed near Avila

Firefighters recover a body from the wreckage of a bus which crashed near Avila


Nine people have died and five are seriously injured after a bus careered off the road near the town of Avila, central Spain.

Local news reports said the bus, which was carrying around 30 passengers, rolled over after travelling at excessive speed on a bend along the N-403 highway south of Avila.

Paramedic crews who arrived on the scene rescued several passengers who had become trapped in the wreckage. 

“We confirm nine dead, five seriously injured and more than 10 slightly injured in the bus crash,” said an emergency services spokesman for the region of Castile and Leon.


Members of Spain’s Guardia Civil inspect the damage

The commuter bus, from a local company called Cevesa, was serving the route Serranillos-Ávila, from South to the North of the province of Avila.

Several drivers passing by alerted the authorities around 8.30 am about the accident. Pictures of the scene showed the bus lying by the side of the road with the front windscreen smashed and most of the windows missing.

Four bodies lay on the N-403 road, completely covered in white sheets or silver foil.

Emergency services workers in black helmets and tunics carried one person away in a stretcher and several other people, apparently shocked passengers, sat on the kerb nearby.


The accident happened on the N-403 80 miles south of Avila

The families of the victims have been taken to Avila, to the Carlos Sastre Sports Center, where a team of social workers and psychologists are providing medical attention and support.

There is no information about the nationalities of the victims but early indications are the passengers are from the villages located along the bus route.