Park “Rules” Sign Summarizes Sorry State Of Freedom On Independence Day

Many Americans see no point in celebrating anything

Steve Watson
July 4, 2013

A picture of a “JULY 4TH PARK RULES” notice, posted to the internet perfectly sums up the sorry state of freedom in the nation as Americans celebrate their Independence today.

While the sign outwardly bans any fireworks, barbecues or alcohol, you would think that it would still leave intact the right to celebrate the freedom and independence parts of July 4th. Not so.

The sign notifies anyone entering the park that police overlords will be rummaging around inside their bags and coolers, and that “The entire park is under video surveillance.”

Well, that kind of wraps it up for July 4th then.

The sign appeared in Lakewood Ohio, following a set of rules put into place by the parks division of the municipal government.

The video surveillance isn’t even aimed at crime, primarily because there is none. In 2010, Lakewood was named one of the top suburbs in the country to visit. In the same year, Bloomberg Businessweek also described Lakewood as one of the best places to “raise your kids”. In other words, it is above and beyond a typical American suburb, yet the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights still no longer seem to have any effect there.

The image was uploaded to the Imgur website under the title “No Fun Here, Move Along.” Angry residents and disgruntled Americans in general reacted with fury:

“By everything holy, I’m sorry that this community has taken such drastic measures. I hope most of the folks from lakewood disobeys each and everyone of these “rules”.”

“No joke. Illegal search and seizure and surveillance. What is this, 1984?”

“Sounds like the NSA idea of a good time at the park. ”

“there shall be no freedom on the day celebrating freedom…….that makes sense.”

“Police will be searching bags and coolers? On public property and without probable cause or a warrant? On Independence Day? Good luck with that.”

“Attention Individual(s):
Commencement of patriotic feelings may be had between One hour after sunrise to one hour before sunset. Please limit patriotic feelings to one feeling per person. Excess feelings will be confiscated by dream police.”

As we reported yesterday, similar rules and regulations all over the country are leading Americans to question what “freedoms” are they supposed to be celebrating.