Egyptian coup uncovers anti-Obama sentiment

‘You jerk. Muslim Brotherhoods are killing Egyptians’


America certainly has popularity problems – despite spending billions of dollars – among the nations in the Middle East and north Africa, but it took Wednesday’s uprising in Egypt, in which a Muslim Brotherhood-linked president apparently was taken down, to reveal the full extent of dislike of America’s president, Barack Obama.

“Wake Up America Obama backs Up a Fascist Regime in Egypt,” declared one banner.

“Obama Supports Terrorism,” said another.

And another stated, “Obama you jerk. Muslim Brotherhoods are killing the Egyptians so how come they can guarantee you the security of Israel. Hey Obama, your deal with the Muslim Brotherhood was unsuccessful. Obama you idiot. Keep in mind that Egypt is not Muslim brotherhoods and if you don’t believe that go and see what’s happening in Tahrir Square.”

The U.S. and Egypt long had been on friendly terms under former President Hosni Mubarak. However, as part of the Arab Spring movement that claimed it was in pursuit of freedom but actually installed radical Muslim elements in power in several nations, he was ousted at Obama’s encouragement.

Muhammad Morsi, with all his links to the radical Muslim Brotherhood, was installed as the new president a year ago.

But now the U.S. has taken a hands-off attitude, and Morsi apparently was challenged by his own military.

No matter who calls the shots for the next weeks or months, it is expected Egypt will be in turmoil.

But a series of images assembled by blogger Doug Ross reveal the strong Egyptian perception that Obama has been interfering with the plans and hopes of Egyptian people.

A report in the New York Times said as night fell over Egypt and the military appeared to take control that things were in disarray.

While Gen. Abdel Fatah Said Al-Sisi made an announcement that the constitution was suspended, elections would be scheduled and the constitutional court would take charge during the transition. He also confirmed there would be changes to what Morsi had imposed.

The armed forces, he said, were asking the Egyptian people to remain peaceful and prepare for a government that would be “diverse and include all the people.”

There were reports that nearly 20 people had died and hundreds were injured in the public square protests, while cars were burned, garbage was left smoldering and makeshift barricades and torn books littered the ground.

Tom Blumer at Newsbusters explained that the old-fashioned media –newspapers, networks and the like – were ignored the anti-Obama element in the dispute.

“I noted on Friday, the final sentence in an AP report earlier that day … on protests in Egypt read: ‘One banner depicted President Barack Obama and said, ‘Obama supports terrorism.’

“I predicted with little risk of being wrong that the existence of this banner would not ‘survive future AP reports’ – and it hasn’t,” he wrote.

Some of the images of anti-Obama signs date back to late 2012, but others are undated and appear to be from the recent rallies.

A few of the images, courtesy blogger Doug Ross: