Transparency….Don’t You Love It?

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Barack Obama     (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Commentary by: Gordon King

Welcome to the “New World” of transparency.   Isn’t that what Obama promised us during both of his presidential elections?  Everyone will know what the government is doing.  We as citizens of the United States of America, will know exactly what the government is doing and what it is up to.  Right?!!

Obama’s government is anything but transparent.  The evidence is quickly stacking up against the promises he made to the American people.  Where do I start?  NSA collecting phone conversations, email, web-blogs and internet browsing.  IRS fraudulently targeting conservatives.  Department of Homeland Security building an army of one.  FEMA building concentration camps, coffins and apparent box cars with guillotines.  “ObamaCare”, what more do I need to say about this one?  Nobody even knew what was in the bill until it was passed.  Now we find out that there is a clause stating that every American will be made to have an implanted microchip with health information.  This is only the tip of the iceberg.

What about his stance on equality?  Making sure that everyone is treated fairly.  Well, he sure seems to be keeping his word to at least some of the people.  Muslims are not only guests in the White House, but are cabinet members as well.  The gays are sure happy with him promoting gay marriage, and are joyfully dancing in the streets.  Pro-abortionists are happy with him, defending the murder of innocent young lives.  Christians seem to be left out of the equation.  In fact I would say that he is targeting Christians unfairly.  What about Israel?  When Benjamin Netanyahu came to visit Obama in the White House, it seems as if the President treated him as a second-rate citizen, not as a close Ally and Diplomat.  We see where Obama places his trust and values.

I wonder what else the government has been up to that they are not telling us about?  If what we already know is as bad as it sounds, what we don’t know must be so much worse.

Obama, man of transparency.  Obama’s definition of “transparency”: only let them know what I tell them; don’t give them too much information; twist the facts in my favor;  never admit to anything; I am NEVER wrong; I am who I think I am and the people love me.

I just cannot believe the people who voted this man into office, not once, but twice!  I knew before he was elected the first time, that Obama spelled trouble.  Now we shall all pay the price.

Transparency, what does that word even mean anymore?

God Bless us all!