Feinstein On NSA: Nothing to See Here, Please Move Along

Obama and Congress continue effort to minimize damage inflicted on American people by Stasi state.

Kurt Nimmo
June 19, 2013

California Democrat and Senate fixture Dianne Feinstein and her comrades in Congress hope the NSA political football gets lost in the shuffle.

On Tuesday, Feinstein said there are no hearings currently planned on the NSA scandal and nothing will happen until the intelligence community decides “what can be said” about the massive and unprecedented violation of the Fourth Amendment by No Such Agency.

Georgia Republican Saxby Chambliss said Congress does not plan to discuss the issue with the American people who are routinely kept in the dark on so-called national security issues.

“We so rarely have open hearings,” Chambliss said. “Right now I don’t see it.”

Rep. Mike Rogers, who has served as the main apologist for maintaining a super-secret Stasi state, said on Tuesday he will convene a dog and pony show devoted to how the NSA programs “protect Americans, and why disclosure aids our adversaries.”

Rogers plans to roll out NSA Director Gen. Keith Alexander, Deputy Attorney General James Cole, Deputy FBI Director Sean Joyce, Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Robert Litt, the general counsel to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

A scheduling snafu resulted in Alexander facing Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski’s Senate Appropriations Committee instead of the Intelligence Committee. Mikulski tried to steer questions posed by fellow senators away from the NSA violations of the Constitution and move the discussion into the neutral area of cyber security. Criticized for the attempt to protect Alexander from answering to the American people, Mikulski took a self-defensive stance on Twitter.

On Wednesday, Obama tried to defend the Stasi state and its unwarranted intrusions. “Lives have been saved,” he claimed from Berlin, where he met with his counterpart, German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Obama said NSA surveillance “is not a situation in which we are rifling through ordinary emails” of huge numbers of citizens in the United States. He said PRISM and other NSA efforts are “circumscribed, narrow” and do not violate the constitutional rights of Americans.

Obama also said the NSA program has the “oversight” of the court. He refrained from mentioning that the “court” involved is the secret FISA court, itself an unconstitutional aberration created as a response to decades of constitutional abuse by intelligence agencies.

Merkel floated the idea that the state has an interest in violating the privacy of citizens in order to prevent terrorism. “There has to be proportionality,” she said and added that her discussion with Obama on the issue Wednesday was “an important first step” in establishing a “balance,” as the Associated Press described it.

Obama and Congress will continue their effort to minimize the damage inflicted on the American people by the Stasi state. Rep. Rogers insistence that the NSA has prevented terror attacks and saved lives is, of course, ludicrous when the facts are examined.

Infowars.com has provided conclusive evidence that the FBI creates terror attacks, which are in turn exploited by the establishment and its congressional clerks to build a fallacious case for the supposed war on terror and a continued dismantlement of the Bill of Rights, specifically the Fourth Amendment.

FBI director Robert Mueller signaled last week that the NSA revelations will not result in a rollback of his agency’s tactics. He called for a continuation of the Stasi state that has turned the Fourth Amendment into a mockery.

“Every time we have a leak like this and you follow it up and look at the intel afterwards [you find terrorists] are looking for ways around,” Mueller said. “If we lose our ability to get their communications we are going to be exceptionally vulnerable” to staged terror attack his agency orchestrates.