Tourist Bus Sinks With 31 People On Board


Twenty two people have been taken to hospital after a tourist bus sank in Liverpool for the second time in recent months.

Authorities were called to the dock at 3.54pm today following reports that the Yellow Duckmarine amphibious tour bus had sunk.

Police and ambulance arrived at the scene to help with the rescue operation, as a large crowd of people gathered nearby.

Amphibious tourist bus sinks in the Albert Dock in Liverpool (Pic: Livecitysnaps)

Rescue workers at the scene of the boat sinking (Photo: Livecitysnaps)

North West Ambulance Service said that everyone on board the vessel was accounted for and 31 people were taken from the scene to a place of safety.

It added that 22 people were taken to hospital, but their condition was not thought to be serious.

The Liverpool Echo reported that another Yellow Duckmarine tour bus sank in the city dock in March this year. Nobody was injured in that incident. 

Amphibious tour bus sinks

Emergency services were quick to come to the aid of the passengers

  Steve Graves, a reporter with the newspaper, told Sky News: “A number of the ambulances have gone to the Royal Hospital A&E department with people inside them.

“We believe there are people who have been treated at the scene as well. This is the second of these craft which has gone down within the last eight or nine weeks or so.

“The previous one sank without anybody on it but it was a very quick process at the time.”

Amphibious tourist bus sinks in the Albert Dock in Liverpool (Pic: Livecitysnaps)

Ambulances at the Albert Dock complex in Liverpool (Photo: Livecitysnaps)

It is understood that some of the passengers had to be treated for shock but that no other major injuries have been reported.

Speaking on Twitter, the Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson refused to be drawn on the future of the yellow vessels until he knew everybody involved in the latest incident was safe.

Mr Anderson later tweeted: “Albert Dock incident: police confirm 31 people entered the dock, 31 people have been accounted for. Everyone ok, some people still in hospital.”

Amphibious tour bus sinks

All 31 people were taken from the boat to safety.

In May, the Queen had a ride on one of the yellow Duckmarine buses when she visited the region as part of her Diamond Jubilee tour to celebrate 60 years on the throne.

A spokesman for the Albert Dock said they were “pleased” all 31 passengers and two crew were rescued safely.

“Following the incident, Albert Dock directors would like to praise the response of the emergency services and its onsite security team and will co-operate fully with any investigation,” the spokesman added.