Grammy-winner’s message: ‘God, heal this land’

Steve Vaus joins call for repentance and prayer



Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Steve Vaus, creator of the long-running Buck Howdy character on children’s television, is lending his voice to the gathering chorus calling for a time of repentance and prayer to restore America.

His new song, “Heal This Land,” also features, in her singing debut, harmony by his 16-year-old daughter, Anna, who shares with her father the desire to bring to America the message of II Chronicles 7:14.

The Bible verse is already the theme for the National Day of Prayer and Repentance on Sept. 11, originally suggested by WND founder and CEO Joseph Farah. It’s one of a number of prayer events being developed for the coming weeks and months.

The verse states: “If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Promoters of the National Day of Prayer and Repentance and others say it’s the only way to restore America, because government, schools, the economy and politics have failed.

“God is not expecting non-believers to do these things,” Farah said. “He’s simply expecting believers to do them. Is that too much to ask? In fact, He says, without the humility and the sincere repentance, He won’t even hear our cries. That suggests to me it’s time for believers to get on their knees, on their faces and search themselves for any evil deeds or thoughts or preoccupations that are within us and turn away from them.”

The prayer event already has been endorsed by talk-show host Barry Farber, Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., Chuck Norris, David Barton, Greg Laurie and radio talk-show host Mancow Muller.

Farah explains the idea is based on the Bible.

“This is the prescription of a Holy God for national healing. He tells believers they are to do four things: humble themselves, pray, seek His face and turn from their wicked ways. In turn, God says He will hear their prayers, forgive their sins and heal their land. Honestly, I believe if believers across America do this, we will see miracles. Could it be they are already occurring? I wouldn’t be surprised,” he said.

Vaus told WND that he is in support.

“I’m fine with anything that helps get the message of the song out there,” he said.

“For a long time, I’ve written and performed songs trying to urge people to make the right decisions in the voting booth, make the right decisions when they connect with our leaders, so that we get our leaders to move in the right direction,” he said.

“I’ve just reached the conclusion … that’s not going to do anything,” he said. “There’s only one solution to get America in the right place. That comes from II Chronicles 7:14.

“We need to humble ourselves, seek God’s face, turn out backs on our wrong ways, and then he will heal this land.”

His newest song:

                                   “Click Here to Listen”                                      

The lyrics of “Heal This Land” reflect the biblical message:

You know we’ve had our trials

Cried our share of tears

We’ve stumbled through the darkness

Half-paralyzed by fear

There’s heartache in our cities, Every house and home

Our only hope for healing, Is You and You alone

Heal, heal heal, heal this land

On Your word we stand

We seek your face, Bow and pray

Leave behind our wicked ways

Rely upon your grace to heal this land

Not one of us is worthy, No one less than I

Still you sent your only Son, To suffer and to die

So we could live in glory, And one day see Your face

We hunger for your/that blessing, Your amazing grace

Oh God you are merciful

You are so mighty

Heal, heal heal, heal this land

On Your word we stand

We seek your face, Bow and pray

Leave behind our wicked ways

Rely upon your grace to heal this land

“We have all made mistakes,” Vaus said, “Many churches … have lost their way, and my hope and prayer is that this song will at once convict people, yet give them hope.”

The song can be downloaded on his site at no charge and also is available for purchase as a CD.

Purchasers of the song can buy five copies at a vastly reduced price to have them delivered to members of the armed services as a gift.

Vaus’ efforts to encourage the nation through his music are legion. He recently recorded a song that defies proponents of gun confiscation with one of the slogans of the Texas Revolution, “Come and take it.”

Even though Washington radio stations refused to sell him airtime for his message, he said it would get out.

“Nothing will stop me from getting this message heard in Washington, D.C. If I have to stand in front of the White House and the Capitol Building with a boom box so be it,” Vaus said.

WND reported the song, “Come and Take It,” was written to rally gun owners with its remember-the-Alamo-like message.

A music video also was produced with a special message for President Obama and members of Congress.

Though the song itself is more vague, the video leaves no doubt who Vaus is talking to in the lyrics.

“Mr. President, members of Congress,” Vaus says in the opening to the video, “you’ve been making a lot of noise about taking our guns away. But you might want to review history.

“1835. Gonzales, Texas Territory,” Vaus continues. “The authorities wanted to confiscate the big gun that protected that colony. You know what the people said? ‘Come and take it.’ Because they were willing to fight for their freedom and their guns. So are we.”

The video then launches into the pointed chorus: “Come and take it if you want it. Come and take it if you think you can. Come and take it, but we’ll warn you, you’ll have to pry it from our cold, dead hands.”

The lyrics continue: “We want the freedom that God gave us, so you best not cross that line. If you want this gun you gotta to come through us and take it, one shot at a time.”

The slogan “Come and take it” became the battle cry of the Texas Revolution after the 1835 Battle of Gonzalez, in which the people defied the Mexican government’s demand to return a cannon that had been given them for self-defense. Rather than surrender the cannon to Mexican dragoons, the people stormed the Mexican camp and drove the soldiers away.

As Vaus sings, “You just don’t mess with Texas, especially when it comes to guns.”

Listen to the song “Come and Take It” here.

In the video, Vaus concludes, “Just like Gonzales, we’re keeping our guns.”

Vaus has performed, produced and recorded with Billy Ray Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, Willie Nelson, Kenny Loggins, Leann Rimes, Randy Travis and Kenny Rogers. He’s a four-time Grammy nominee (with a win in 2010) and has performed with the Billy Graham Crusades, at the Grand Ole Opry and at the White House.

A previous song by Vaus, “We Must Take America Back,” drew massive attention when it was released in the 1990s.

Vaus also stirred controversy with his satirical look at the government’s decision to impose invasive body-scans and full-body pat-downs on airline travelers. Millions have viewed his work online.

Vaus also, in the period after 9/11, created “There Is an Eagle,” which zoomed to the top of the country charts.

Farah reported he made the call for the 9-11-13 National Day of Prayer and Repentance out of a sense of frustration with politics and the decline in morality in the country. He suspects there is a connection between the revealing of national “sins” and the desire by believers to confess their own sins to God in unity with other believers.

Evangelist Greg Laurie, who worked with the National Day of Prayer event a month ago, said it’s all needed.

“First of all, let’s pray that our country turns back to God. America needs a spiritual awakening. let’s pray that a revival will come to our shores again.”

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  1. It was not a coincidence that after the national day of prayer and fasting in May a week or so later all the giant Obama scandals were exposed. I (like I’m sure so many others) prayed that Obama would be exposed for what he is and the eyes of the American people would be opened. God answers prayer. I am completely for another national day of prayer and fasting .. maybe God will help us impeach him and shed ourselves of communism. We the people need to stop living in fear of our government. Fear only of being separated from God because that is what hell is.

  2. 2 Thessalonians 1:9
    They will suffer the punishment of eternal destruction, away from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of his might,

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