‘Mystery Babylon’ is Mecca not Vatican

Exclusive: Walid Shoebat explains significance of Iran aiming missiles at Saudis

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When it comes to Mystery Babylon, the common theory among many Protestant theologians is to equate it with Rome since according to them Rome is the city of seven hills. Others even equate it with actual Iraq itself since Iraq was where the original Babylon resided. Years ago, several books were even written on Saddam Hussein who supposedly was rebuilding Babylon, and Christians gulped up the books without truly examining the evidence. Saddam was simply rebuilding a tourist attraction where Nineveh once stood. The project was later abandoned, and Saddam died on the gallows and all these prophecy books with him.

But when presenting a multitude of biblical evidence, people still angrily deny it because they etched in their minds a verse or two they say prove it’s still Rome while adhering to a centuries-old theory initiated by Martin Luther. That plus the fact today’s Catholics do not bite. In fact, a clue to the real Babylon was just presented in an article by WND’s Aaron Klein when he stated: “Forces in the Persian Gulf and Arab intelligence services have noted the establishment of Iranian missile launch sites aimed in the direction of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, according to Egyptian and Jordanian intelligence officials speaking to WND.”

Yet no one in the prophecy arena even raised a red flag about the significance of this report; Iran (biblical Elam) must destroy Arabia. In Isaiah 21:9, Isaiah levels a prophetic oracle against Babylon using the same announcement in Revelation 18:1-2 and Revelation 14:8: “Babylon is fallen, is fallen”:

“The burden against Dumah” (Isaiah 21:11)
“The burden against Arabia” (Isaiah 21:13)
“All the glory of Kedar will fail” (Isaiah 21:16).

These are all in Arabia, which is destroyed by Iran “Elam” (Isaiah 21:2).

There has been an immense oversight by many in the field of biblical eschatology: When it comes to the destruction of end-days Babylon, Scripture makes no mention of any of the ancient Babylonian cities – Nineveh, Ur, Babel, Erech, Accad, Sumer, Assur, Calneh, Mari, Karana, Ellpi, Eridu, Kish, or Tikrit. Rather, all the literal references in Scripture are in Arabia.

The use “MOTHER OF HARLOTS,” while it is commonly attributed to the Vatican’s Mariology as the worship of Ishtar, history records that the worship of Ishtar “Kilili,” or “Queen of Harlots,” originated from Arabia, not Rome [Patricia Turner and Charles Russell Coulter, Dictionary of Ancient Deities, page 242, Ishtar, Oxford University Press US, 2001]. In fact, when Muslims roam roundabout the black stone, it is a throwback to the worship of Ishtar whom they called Athtar and Allat.

When it comes to the Harlot woman, the Ka’ba is a perfect match; the black tarp is considered by Muslims a woman’s dress (kiswa), as Edward Gibbons elaborated: “The kiswa of the magnificent Ka’ba is what is used for clothing of a [virtuous] covering, on top of it, it is written, the Kaaba’s dressing, meaning ‘we have dressed her her dress.” [“The Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire, Volume 6, Chap. 1] Everything that describes the harlot fits the Ka’ba: dress, pearls, jewels, gold, silver and even the blasphemies etched in silver threads with golden inlays across her attire. Just the doors of the Ka’ba alone has 280 kilograms of pure gold.

The reference to a prostitute in Revelation 17, the “Whore of Babylon,” is no coincidence: “And the woman (whore) was arrayed in purple and scarlet color” (v. 17) resembles the near copulating with the Ka’ba’s Black Stone, which historically was dedicated to Aphrodite, the prostitute goddess that was called “Aphrodite Porne” (Aphrodite the Prostitute). “The goddess adorned in purple” is similar to the depictions given in Revelation 17:4, while the Ka’ba has a scarlet inner garment.

John of Damascus notes, “After the Hajj was preformed by Muhammad, the ‘rubbing and kissing the [of the Black Stone] … was extremely passionate.’” Muslim tradition even perpetuates the blasphemy that, “Abraham had sexual intercourse with Hagar on it” (Sahas. Heresy, pages 88-89). Francis Burton (Vol. 3, page 295) writes regarding the Ka’ba, “The part of the cover (Kiswa), covering the door, is called [a Burka] just like the veil the Arabic women are wearing in front of their face … in fact, Arab mystics even compare the Ka’ba to a virgin, adorned with her finest wedding dress.” Even today during their Hajj pilgrimage, Muslims kiss, rub and caress the Black Rock.

Furthermore, it is impossible to even consider that Isaiah 21 was regarding a historic battle between Persia and ancient Babylon since the multiple references throughout are not connected to ancient Iraq but to Kedar, Tema, Dedan and Dumah, which is in Saudi Arabia near Yathrib (Medina) and today is known as “Dumat el-Jandal.” Dumah, one of the sons of Ishmael, is also associated with Edom and Seir in Isaiah 21:11. It is believed by many that Kedar, Ishmael’s sons, is the line from which Muhammad descended.

Even Muslims recognize this when they read Isaiah 21; they see Isaiah 21:14-15 as the story of Muhammad when the Muslims emigrated from Mecca to Medina (Tema) in which they were fed and rescued from the sword. No Westerner was able to interpret:

“The inhabitants of the land of Tema brought water to him that was thirsty, they prevented with their bread him that fled. For they fled from the swords, from the drawn sword, and from the bent bow, and from the grievousness of war.”

The Bible depicts that in this time, it will not be like the time when Muhammad fled; all Arabia, including the Glory of Kedar (Mecca), will be destroyed. How else can anyone interpret: “No Arab will pitch his tent there, no shepherd will rest his flocks there” (Isaiah 13:20)? Arabs pitch tents in Arabia, not Rome. The ultimate fulfillment of this verse is the destruction of the last-days Babylon. We know this because the passage speaks about “the day of the Lord” (v. 9) with the “heavens not giving light” (v. 10). This is not historical, but end-times related.

Then we have the Red Sea: “The earth is moved at the noise of their fall, at the cry the noise thereof was heard in the Red Sea” (Jeremiah 49:21). Red Sea is a geographic indicator as to where the last-days Babylon will be located. Look at Mecca on any map and you will see that it sits near the Red Sea. Some may object that Jeremiah 49 is speaking about Edom, which was primarily located in modern-day Jordan. Yet in Ezekiel 25 “Edom” stretches from Teman (Yemen) to Dedan (Saudi Arabia)” (v. 13). Greater Edom included all of the west coast of the Arabian Peninsula.

Notice the description of her destruction: “‘As Sodom and Gomorrah were overthrown, along with their neighboring towns,’ says the LORD, ‘so no one will live there; no man will dwell in it’” (Jeremiah 49:18).

It is no wonder why Iran is focused on Saudi Arabia, since the Bible predicted that the harlot is destroyed by the beast she rides, that is, the nations she deceived with her spiritual harlotry – Islam.

6 thoughts on “‘Mystery Babylon’ is Mecca not Vatican

  1. I would argue that Mystery Babylon is the Vatican. The whore of Babylon represents the Vatican, which compromises beliefs (historically this is evident, and now especially with the stances the new pope takes), and trades with different countries (kings), hence it being named the harlot. The Whore is drunk on worldliness, and has great riches of purple satin, this represents the
    Catholic churches ridiculous amount of wealth (historically this cannot be argued, such as during the Medieval period, although it is more veiled in modern day), as well as its central role in many illegal markets (I personally believe that the Illuminati exists as an almost Neo-pagan organisation [look up the writings of ‘Svali’] and that the Vatican has a central role in the Illuminati, which does many things, one of which is acquire wealth through depraved means). But most importantly, the key to the Vatican being Babylon, is its ‘Catholic’-ness, as in its universality. It has historically claimed to be the universal church, and now it is compromising true Christian beliefs more than ever before in its attempt to become the main church in this age of globalisation. Mecca doesn’t hold such organised power, wealth, and unity. Vatican does. And as per Scripture, the Vatican, the Mother of Harlots, is gathering its daughters, to absorb them; this is evident through the news: Vatican’s friendliness towards imams, and disturbingly, the mutual closeness of many protestant churches with the Vatican. Such syncretism is done through the dilution and twisting of the Word to an extremely subjective, simplistic and post-modernist interpretation, which much of the developed word has already headed towards. Furthermore, the history of the Catholic church developed from the pagan society of Rome, from Constantine, whom likely converted the empire for political strategy. Unsurprisingly, this has meant that Catholic Christianity is filled with pagan influences, which are too many to name. There is no doubt this has been the case, as historically there have been Catholic clergy whom have written about these influences, and how Catholicism must absorb such practices in order to entice new converts. As a Christian, this is evidently not acceptable, especially given the Scripture’s description of how abominable such practices are perceived in God’s eyes. I personally believe that while on the surface Christianity was adopted, paganism survived not only in traces in Catholicism, but in the true heart of the Vatican. That is to say, Rome was never Christian in its greatest depths, it remained pagan in its highest ranks of clergy. This mirrors the system of the Mystery religions, which together are Mystery Babylon (Babylon indicates its universality, and historically pagan religions were the norm). Many mystery religions have a system in which the masses are feed certain beliefs (for example Catholic indulgences, pope’s representation as God, Catholic monopoly on salvation…), while the true underlying beliefs ‘enlighten’ or ‘illuminate’ the higher ups as they progress up the rank and in knowledge, hence its ‘mystery’ attribute – this would be rising up the ranks of orders (some possibly secret) in the Vatican, such as the Jesuits. I believe that is how the Freemasons work, as rank increases, knowledge increases, until the person enters the Illuminati.

  2. Hello MC and thank you for your comment!

    Much of what Walid Shoebat writes I do not agree with, I just found this article interesting. It’s been a while since the article was posted, I forgot all about it.

    I tend to agree with you in your beliefs that the Catholic church is the whore of Babylon and not Mecca. We have seen the Pope do many anti-christian things over the past few years, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Such as the uniting of religions, praying together with the Muslims, etc. His lack of words speak just as loudly, like not speaking out against Islam and the heinous crimes and atrocities that they are committing around the world. There are also many things that the Catholic church does and believes that I do not agree with that go against biblical teaching. If only the Catholics themselves could see this.

    God Bless MC

  3. I would suggest that since Jerusalem is a city of seven hills it ought to be considered to be a candidate for Mystery Babylon as it to has many of the same characteristics as Mecca. Besides the book of revelations does mention the fact that there will be a new Jerusalem. If the old city is destroyed then it follows that a new city is required to serve as God’s new HQ on Earth.

  4. I would agree as I think of the Vatican as the roman empire now under the guise of christianity (to deceive the people) giving homage to popes instead of ceasars with their household gods.

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