London “Terror Attack” Blamed on Anti-Government Sentiment

Media hyperventilates over murder of British soldier

Beheading in London

Paul Joseph Watson
May 22, 2013

The murder of a serving British soldier in London is being treated as a major “terror attack,” with Prime Minister David Cameron set to attend an emergency Cobra meeting as the UK media hyperventilates over an incident that will be used to demonize anti-government rhetoric while serving as a poster child for more military intervention in the middle east.

“A dramatic video tonight emerged of a man with bloodied hands, carrying knives and ranting ‘We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you’, after a serving soldier was hacked to death by two men just 200 yards from an Army barracks,” reports the Daily Mail.

After running over and attempting to behead and disembowel the soldier with a machete, the two men responsible for the attack paraded up and down the street making political statements, “as if they wanted to be on TV or something,” before they were shot by police.

“We must fight them as they fight us. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,” stated the man on camera, adding, “I apologise that women have had to witness this today, but in our land our women have to see the same. You people will never be safe. Remove your government, they don’t care about you.”

The suspect was a black man who appeared to have a London accent and was not a foreigner. The other suspect was also a black man.

“Basically two men carried out an axe attack on a young army cadet walking along the street, by the looks of things the police responded and then shot them in front of the public,” said one eyewitness.

The reaction to what at the moment remains a tragic murder has been completely over the top, with Prime Minister David Cameron canceling a trip to France to fly back and attend a Cobra emergency response meeting, while even the Queen is being kept informed of developments.

The political statements made by the suspect before he was shot will provide the state and the media all the cannon fodder it needs to link anti-government rhetoric with violent terrorism.

It remains to be seen how this will be exploited by the state, but immediate thoughts will turn to a re-introduction of the defeated “stop and search” powers under the pretext of preventing terrorism, as well as further driving a wedge between Muslims and the rest of the British population, greasing the skids for future military intervention in the middle east.

Indeed, the suspect was also heard to say that the motive for the murder was “because David Cameron, (the) British government sent troops in Arabic country”.

It’s ironic that the men responsible for the brutal murder supposedly chanted “Allahu Akbar” after trying to behead the soldier given that this is the refrain used by rebels in Syria, whom the UK government is desperately trying to arm, whenever they carry out similar atrocities – including numerous beheadings. Instead of condemning the attack in Woolwich, David Cameron should be sending weapons and aid to the killers if his government is consistent in its policies.

The two suspects are wounded and in critical condition.


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  1. Sadly if you read the public sentiment for the black race from the prophet Mohammad you’ll find he disdained their existence.
    Why would any black person give that religion one minute of their time?

    Mishkat, v. iii, p. 117:
    “Abu Darda reported that the Holy Prophet said: Allah created Adam when he created him (sic). Then He stroke (sic) his right shoulder and took out a white race as if they were seeds, and He stroke (sic) his left shoulder and took out a black race as if they were coals. Then He said to those who were in his right side: Towards paradise and I don’t care. He said to those who were on his left shoulder: Towards Hell and I don’t care. – Ahmad”

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