Do Gays and Homosexuals Hate Christianity? But Love Obama?


SHARIA (Photo credit: AslanMedia)

By Gordon King

Hello Folks!  Welcome and God Bless all of you!

I posted an article and part of a radio conversation today regarding Gays and Sharia Law.

I thought it was very interesting, gruesome, but none the less interesting.  I will go ahead and post the radio clip here first:

And here is part of the article:

The State Department reported that in 2007 over 30 confirmed or believed to be homosexual men were arrested in Saudi Arabia, and two lashed 7,000 times each for engaging in sexual intercourse with other men. In 2011 three men were executed by hanging in Iran after being found guilty of charges related to homosexuality.

Here is the POST I made earlier today.

This man on the radio claims to be a Muslim.  A devout follower of Islam and Allah.  He clearly states that “Sharia Law” should be instituted in America.  He says that Gays and Homosexuals should be beheaded for their acts.  This is for the sake of Allah!

Well, this is the part that I don’t really understand and it makes no sense to me whatsoever!  Most gays and homosexuals that I have ever met or heard about have despised Christianity and Love President Obama.  They think he is the “Savior of the World”.   He fully supports Muslims and has denied the deity of Christ and blasphemed God Almighty and the Bible.  While he supports Muslims around the world, what about Christians?  I have never heard Obama supporting Christians anywhere, including the USA.

Barack Obama Mocks Jesus Christ

So this is my point, if Obama is a strong supporter of Muslims and their faith (I believe that he is a Muslim, but that is another post) then why do Gays and Homosexuals love him?  They are promoting their own death and destruction!  The Muslims are pushing for “Sharia Law” in America.  The way things are going it just may happen!

Another point I would like to make.  Christians on the other hand, do not hate homosexuals or gays.  But, they do hate the sin.  They will rebuke the homosexuals for their sin.  They will try to evoke a conviction within the individual, to repent and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  Christians do not promote killing or abuse of homosexuals, on the contrary, they promote (or should) love, kindness and forgiveness. 

So let me recap my points here:

  • Muslims are promoting “Sharia Law”.
  • “Sharia Law” calls for the beheading of Gays and Homosexuals.
  • Gays and Homosexuals are beheaded, tortured and imprisoned around the world by Muslims / Islam.
  • President Obama is probably a Muslim and strongly supports Muslims and Islam around the world.
  • Most Gays and Homosexuals Love Obama (the ones I have met / heard about)
  • Christians promote Love and Peace (they should)
  • Christians do not hate Gays or Homosexuals (they should not)
  • Christians do not kill or torture Gays or Homosexuals for their lifestyle.
  • Christians are against Gay marriage / lifestyle.
  • Christians try to persuade Gays or Homosexuals to convict them to repent and accept Jesus as Lord.

This is what I do not understand.  While Christians do rally against the Gay and Homosexual lifestyle, vote against Gay marriage, Christians do not propose to exterminate these people from the face of the earth.  Christians are not promoting (or should not) hatred towards homosexuals. 

On the other hand, Muslims and the Islamic faith (of which Obama is and a supporter of) clearly state that they will behead and torture Gays and Homosexuals for their acts and lifestyles.  They are pushing hard for “Sharia Law” to be implemented around the world, including America.  But, most homosexuals that I have met or heard of, just love Obama! 

Can you see the writing on the wall?  Can you see the irony of the situation?  The lies, the deception, the hatred?  I can.

We need to pray for all gays and homosexuals to see the light, to see the truth, repent and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior!  God loves everyone and forgives all.

Time is so very short.    God Bless!    Jesus Loves You!      Amen        Maranatha!     🙂


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