SWAT Standoff Ends in Flames, Cops Shoot, Kill Man As He Comes Out

Adan Salazar
March 29, 2013

Another armed standoff was quickly brought to an end when the house the gunman holed up in went up in flames, sending him fleeing out the front door into police gunfire.

49-year old Rick Marlowe was identified as the armed man at the center of the standoff that took place Wednesday night in Hoquiam, Wa. The standoff had waged on for 20 hours after the man reportedly fired at officers coming to serve arrest warrants for a 2004 Sacramento, Ca. real estate fraud case.

According to KOMO News, police say they are still trying to figure out what caused the fire, but as reported, “Throughout the night, police fired tear gas into the house and used some loud distraction devices.”

KOMO News continues:

Around 6 a.m., flames were reported at the back of the house and the man came out the front.

“He was confronted by the tactical team,” [Sgt. Brian] Dayton said. “He failed to obey commands – show me your hands, put the gun down. Some more gunfire was exchanged, and the suspect went down.”

Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate said at a news conference later Thursday that officers opened fire after the man appeared at the front door with a firearm, KBKW reported.

As we witnessed during the Christopher Dorner standoff situation, certain tear gas canisters are often used in these types of situations that possess a high propensity to start fires.

In the recent Dorner case, police employed a round of CS tear gas that was “pyrotechnic” after “traditional” tear gas had no effect.

Following the Dorner standoff, police also ludicrously claimed they had no idea what started the cabin fire that some believe burned Dorner alive, despite evidence from police scanner recordings where officers are heard discussing, “the plan with the burners,” and other recordings where officers are heard saying, “F***ing burn this motherf***er,” and “burn that f****ing house down.” (Edited for foul language).

As witnessed in Waco, Texas during the raid on the Davidian compound in 1993, which killed 76 people including more than 20 children and two pregnant women, police will employ such nefarious tactics to forgo a firefight and end a standoff.

Although reports claimed “pyrotechnic” CS canisters were never used in Waco, numerous eyewitness reports along with photographic and video evidence show BATF helicopters firebombing the Waco church during the siege, and many people still believe pyrotechnic CS grenades were used as they were found in the rubble after the fire.

Additionally, police ended a standoff in Philadelphia in 1985 against a black liberation group known as the MOVE organization by dropping a bomb on the group’s row house, killing 11 of its members, including five children, and decimating an entire neighborhood; at least 65 houses were leveled.

Is it possible Hoquiam police purposely lobbed incendiary tear gas canisters into the 2-story house in efforts to convince Rick Marlowe to come out? If this is the case, they should own up to their actions.


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