Exclusive: Joseph Farah asserts president’s actions create chaos but don’t save lives

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Barack Obama says he wants to ban more classifications of firearms because he wants to keep Americans safe from gun crime.

Do you believe it?

I don’t.

I don’t believe Obama cares a whit about the safety of the American people – and I think I can prove it.

First of all, the statistics Obama ignores demonstrate conclusively that firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens actually saves lives. It’s not even a close call. This fact is illustrated further by the fact that the urban areas that have outright banned firearms possession have become virtual shooting galleries, with more Americans being killed in Chicago than in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

All that has been said before – not frequently enough, of course – but the evidence is in on the absolute need for firearms in the hands of American citizens if we are to remain a free and secure people.

But let me give you the indisputable proof that Obama is lying about his concerns for the safety and well-being of the American people.

What did his administration do last week in response to the sequestration budget cuts he himself proposed if an agreement could not be reached with Republicans to raise taxes?

Without any reason whatsoever, other than to punish American citizens and put them at risk of life and limb, his Department of Homeland Security pre-emptively released thousands of illegal-alien criminals from detention. He did this like a willful child who didn’t get his way – even though he got exactly what he asked for, as reporter Bob Woodward has documented.

Now what happens when you release illegal-alien criminals onto the streets of America with no tracking, no monitoring, no oversight, no paperwork? These are not just illegal aliens who came to America looking for work. They are illegal aliens who broke into the country and committed serious crimes. Obama’s DHS gave them get-out-of-jail-free cards.

Does that sound like the act of someone who cares about the safety and welfare of American citizens?

Does it make sense to disarm American citizens in the wake of actions like that?

When police chiefs are warning Americans to arm themselves because their departments no longer have the resources to provide adequate protection to citizens, is this a responsible action by a caring president?

Of course not.

To top it off, local officials offered to provide facilities to hold those illegal-alien criminals – at no cost to the federal government. Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio told DHS he’d take those prisoners free of charge and house them at his Tent City.

“I’ll take them,” he said. “I have room in my tents. I would be happy to have them – and I wouldn’t even charge them. I would love to take them in the tents.”

Like me, Arpaio doesn’t buy the Obama administration’s story that this move was done to cut spending.

He said: “I am always suspicious when the government that has billions of dollars has to say, ‘We are going to release [illegal immigrants] because of budget problems.’ I’m wary of that. They’re utilizing a budget so-called crisis as the reason to kick these people loose. I do have a concern about that.”

Obama makes a show of compassion for average Americans, but that’s all it is – sheer demagoguery. I’m convinced his efforts along these lines are specifically designed to create chaos, not save lives.

It’s like his former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, once said: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Obama doesn’t just wait for crises to happen. He creates them and exploits them for maximum political advantage.


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  2. I understand people get frustrated and even angry at presidents… Coming from an anarchist humanist and have been to a county jail where criminals are itching to go to prison to get out of the dehumanizing and uncontrolled,freezing and without blankets often, gang runned, forced alliance for little protection with white supremacists that broke my arms when my black girlfriend visited, riots, suicides, murders and not enough beds … All for being an addict. I’ve never stolen or hurt anyone in my life but I have a horrible addiction that will sadly end my life someday. I’m not a rep or dem. I believe in a resource based economy. If you think Obama is doing a bad job that’s fine but as far as I have experienced since he’s been in office is a man with inherited problems i doubt anyone who approaches his decisions without proposals or solutions, just anger. The jails need to be half empty as while I was on there the non violent criminals were ill people who needed help and not put into a system improbable of getting out of. I’ve been shot at. I’ve had friends shot and one killed. Sure restrictions on firearms piss people off but talk to someone from England. They are so confused about the American gunslinging cowboys and thugs. They will tell you guns are for farmers. Someone can’t stab more than a few people before having their ass handed to him but with the proper firearm he could murder a room full of people. My point is that our 2 party system will someday fail but while the white house plays musical chairs the least a president can do is try to make his country as safe as he knows how. Stats don’t talk to me. The streets do. In the last year our murder toll has decreased significantly but that could be unrelated to law changes. I can say our county jail has seen a lot of it’s corruption exposed and things are cleaning up. I hear there is books now and they keep gangs and races to their own wings. I had a tooth pulled from a nasty shot I took to the face a year prior and obamacare took care of me during an era of an unemployment low of 28-31 percent. I hate hate hate that he condones all the NSA bullshit and all the money thrown away on the war on drugs….. Education, harm reduction and decriminalization is how to win that one but all that is too foreign and scary for most Americans that don’t keep up on the subject and world politics. And maybe all this typing was for nothing and we are both most likely very wrong but give the guy some credit. It’s about time we have a president that smokes menthols and brews his own beer. Last note for the worried: if our government ever turns on us we will end up on top by sheer numbers and the aid of countries you may currently hate. Expose corruption but do the research and prepare to be wrong. Disinformation is such a hot commodity in our species. The animals and Mother Nature have found balance but we have so much to learn and/ or unlearn.

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