Tanzania: Woman Slashes Boy’s Ears With Razor Blade


Arusha — THE police through a special gender and children desk are investigating a case of a woman who is alleged to have used a razor blade to slash the ears of a child left under her care.

Police Officer Rajab Hamisi, who is among the cops in-charge of the desk here, stated that the suspect, Ms Adiba Mohammed- Omari, was apprehended after neighbours in Sombetini, where the lady lives, reported the issue upon seeing the poor child with frayed ears.

The victim is an eightyear- old class two pupil at Osunyai Primary School in Sombetini Ward of Arusha City, where the teachers stated that the child had been missing in class and when he showed up recently, both his ears were badly slashed. “You will be surprised to hear that, when we asked her why she did that to the child, her response was simply that the boy is an unruly child, who could not be disciplined in any other way,” said Officer Rajab.

Apparently, the young boy also has a sad story in his life because his mother, a runaway wife, is said to have ditched the child when the latter was only two years old and was never seen since that day.

Haji’s father on the other hand, is reported to be a loitering man with serious mental disorders something which could have been the reason why his wife decided to leave him and ditch the child in the process, fleeing to seek better life elsewhere.

The boy was then entrusted onto the hands of his aunt, Adiba (A sister to the boy’s father) who later started to torment him, as far as the neighbours’ statements at the police station are concerned. The boy has been taken to Mkombozi Street Children’s Centre at Kaloleni, awaiting further assistance as the aunt is being held by the police.


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