Knifeman kills three in attack on Japanese tourists in Guam

At least two Japanese tourists were killed and 11 wounded when a knife-wielding man went on a stabbing spree outside a resort in the Pacific island nation of Guam.

Guam attracts 1 million visitors from Japan each year

The attack occurred when the man drove his car up a pavement near the Outrigger Guam Resort and rammed it into a convenience store, before jumping out and stabbing bystanders.
The Japanese foreign ministry said it had been informed of two fatalities and 11 injuries.
“At least 13 Japanese nationals were injured, of whom two people died,” a ministry official said in Tokyo.
Guam police reported three deaths in total and said a 20-year-old man, whose name has not been released, was arrested. They said a motive for the attack had not yet been determined.
“He came out of the car and started attacking people. It was scary,” witness Lendi Cruz told AFP.
Local woman Ashley Quichocho said she was in a cafe near the resort’s entrance when the car sped past and crashed into the convenience store.
She said the man then got out, produced a knife and went on the attack.
“He started stabbing someone and I started freaking out. He was just running back and forth stabbing people,” she told the Pacific Daily News.
Quichocho said she fled into the resort to escape.
Guam governor Eddie Calvo said the attack had stunned the nation of about 180,000, which attracts almost a million visitors from Japan annually, providing a major source of revenue for the economy.
“We are shocked and grieving with the families of those who were injured and who died,” he said in a statement addressed “to the people of Japan”.
“This is not the kind of thing that happens in our community. Anyone who has been to Guam knows this.”
He said the police presence in the tourist area had been increased and the attacker would be “prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”.
“I assure you, my friends, we will not let this go unpunished,” he said.
Japanese media reported women were stabbed to death but officials in both Guam and Tokyo could not confirm the information.
The Pacific Daily News said at least two of the injured were babies, while a spokeswoman for the Guam Memorial Hospital told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that the victims’ ages ranged from eight months to 82.
The hospital spokesman said translators were being provided for Japanese patients hospitalised after the attack.
Source: AFP


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    • Gordon King

      Are you kidding? It has everything to do with end time prophecy. Look at the world and what is happening. It is turning corrupt, evil, violent, murderous, contemptuous, ungodly, hateful, unloving. You don’t see that in this post?

      • Aristotle

        No, it has nothing to do with end-time prophecy! It might have something to do with the end-time, but it has nothing to with prophecy. It’s about secular news which may or may not have something to do with the end-time.

        I don’t think you have made the case that prophecy is in this article. If so, what prophecy are you referring to when you tell us about some Japanese tourists being killed in Guam?

      • Gordon King

        I am not trying to make a case. I am only showing the times that we are now living in. That is why I post what I post. The increase in evil, violence, hatred, etc, etc, etc….. That is what Jesus warned us about….I never said that this article was a direct prophecy! You are missing the entire point of this website. Some of us are called by the Lord to be watchmen! To spread the word. Like I said on my ministry page, you may not agree with me. That is fine.

  1. Aristotle

    Thank you, Gordon, for explaining things. For me, the last times are the times from Christ’s rejection by human beings when he was crucified up to the end of the Satanocracy, which we are in at the present time. So, the last times are the Satanocracy, and the Satanocracy is the rule of the prince of the power of the air for the first of the two three-and-a-half times, also known as 42 months symbolically or 1260 days again symbolically.

    Since Satan was ruling when Christ was born and when he was crucified, the evil and violence and hatred, which you refer to, was just as bad in the first century AD as it is now. There are technological differences nowadays which give the appearance that things are worse now than then, but the badness in human nature to do evil, violence and hatred was no different now than it was then.

    Consequently, I remain unconvinced that things are worse now in principle although it could be argued that with a larger world population, more sophisticated weapons, better travel to do harm and vastly improved communication (like your website) these all give the appearance that human nature is worse than it was then. I think it is just as bad now as then, but no worse.

    There are, however, many institutions such as police, judiciary, democracy and scientific benefits such as the discovery of plastic that have made the latter part of the Satanocracy, which we are still in, better to live in and safer for the vast majority than in relative lawlessness of the Roman Empire and the total lawlessness of much of the Dark Ages.

    We are, nevertheless, one in our love for and loyalty towards the Lord Jesus Christ and his and our heavenly Father. For me, the Satanocracy is about to end with the utter destruction of Jerusalem and the Christocracy is about to begin, where Christ will replace Satan as the ruler of the world of human beings. That’s great news and a marvellous opportunity for your website along with others.

    • Gordon King

      I disagree about the times of Christ being just as evil as today. Also Jesus himself told us to watch for the signs. That they will appear all together and with much more frequency, as in birth pangs. That is what is now happening. But, we do not need to agree with each other. There are many views on different subject matter throughout the bible that many Christians do not agree on. That does not take away from our salvation! Praise God!
      God Bless!

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